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EastEnders spoilers: Frankie is crushed by Mick’s reaction after she is attacked

On EastEnders, Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis) experiences a tragic incident when returning home from a nightclub. She is just relieved to be back in her family’s and house’s safety. She is further discouraged by her father Mick’s (Danny Dyer) response, though.

After being harassed by a man who won’t leave her alone despite the fact that she makes it abundantly clear she isn’t interested, Frankie exits a bar early.

Frankie travels to the tube station after turning down Lola’s (Danielle Harold) invitation to go along, but she soon realizes she isn’t alone. She is being followed by the club’s male patron.

He reaches out to grasp her, and a terrified Frankie barely gets to flee when a bystander diverts his attention. As she races home, Shirley consoles her (Linda Henry).

She is shocked by Mick’s response, however, when he claims that since she wasn’t wounded physically, there was no harm done.

Although understandable, Mick’s stance ignores any potential psychological and emotional repercussions that the attack might have had on Frankie. Will it have an impact on how she lives her life, such as making her dread being alone after dark?

How will Frankie bounce back from this?


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