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EastEnders spoilers: Honey stunned as she is told Jay cheated with Lola

Is Jay and Honey’s story about to come to an end? (Images via BBC)

In upcoming EastEnders episodes, Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) will deliver some sad news to Honey (Emma Barton): Jay (Jamie Borthwick) is having an affair with Lola (Danielle Harold). And it appears that everyone in the Square is aware of Jay and Lola’s relationship.

Ash’s revelations naturally take Honey by surprise, and when Billy (Perry Fenwick) enters the Queen Vic and punches Jay, Honey is even more taken aback. Billy has undoubtedly heard the rumours as well.

However, are Jay and Lola in fact having an affair behind Honey’s back?

Well, it seems not. All of the rumours started when Lexi, played by Isabella Brown, overheard Jay and Lola discussing Jay being Lola’s boyfriend. In order to get rid of a man who is bothering Lola, Jay pretends to be her partner on a night out. The next day, Lexi overhears them laughing about it and assumes the worst.

Soon after telling Will (Freddie Phillips), everyone learns of Jay’s allegedly reprehensible behaviour.

Will she accept Lola and Jay’s arguments that they aren’t actually cheating on her? Will she come to the conclusion that there is no fire without smoke?


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