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EastEnders spoilers – huge September stories revealed

In EastEnders, things are moving faster as the drama prepares for a spectacular fall and holiday season.

September is sure to be a month to remember in Walford with two returns, two new arrivals, an exit, a wedding, and some shocking twists that will change everything.

A shock DI Keeble revelation

As previously mentioned, an upcoming episode of EastEnders will feature a special flashback that will take viewers back to 1979 to meet the Mitchell family.

Eventually, this will tie into a current-day narrative involving DI Keeble and Phil.

After the shocking revelations of the flashback scenes, Keeble will keep putting pressure on Phil to keep his word and turn out as a police informant.

When Phil learns who Keeble wants him to inform, he too is shocked, but what is the real reason for her hatred of the family? Later this month, everything will become clear.

Showrunner Chris Clenshaw told members of the media and Digital Spy at a recent press conference that “Family is going to be at the center of the show – starting with the Mitchells.” Of course, Phil has his disagreements with Keeble, and as we learn more about the clan before they hopped across East London to Walford, we will soon discover why she has such a personal grudge against the family.

Freddie Slater arrives!

Bobby Brazier’s portrayal of Little Mo’s teenage son Freddie will also be arriving in September.

Freddie, who was last seen as a baby, will show up on the Square in search of his “dad,” Billy, and immediately find himself in a completely different level of confusion as he starts to sort through his past.

Long-term viewers will be aware that the evil Graham Foster, who raped Little Mo back in 2003, is Freddie’s biological father. Billy was her husband at the time.

“The scenes with Billy were a big moment for me. They were probably my biggest personal moment to date,” said Bobby.

Kat and Phil’s wedding

If you hadn’t already guessed, Phil has a lot going on in September because, amidst all the drama involving Keeble, he is also getting ready to wed Kat.

Although Kat is determined to have nothing ruin her special day, we all know that EastEnders means there will be plenty of drama. Big Mo will return for Kat’s special day, and there are still more surprises in store.

In the second week of September, Kat and Phil will get ready to say “I do,” but a Sharon cloud may threaten to overshadow their joy. She’s not the only one, either.

Alfie’s return

Even though Phil is getting ready to marry Kat later this month, Sharon isn’t the only ex the couple needs to be concerned about.

This is due to the fact that Alfie, Kat’s ex-husband, will unexpectedly show up the week before her wedding, determined to fight for a future with her.

After stepping back into the role after three years, Shane Richie has promised to bring back the classic Alfie that fans will remember from the beginning of the show.

Shane said, “Chris [Clenshaw] was so helpful in telling me the long-term storyline with Alfie. “It’s the old Alfie; the man who cared for his Nana Moon, put his heart out there, and tries to do the right thing

to lighten everything up. But you know he still makes mistakes because of his own innocence and naiveté. I’m glad to enter and bring the lightness because the drama on a show like this only works when you have the light and the shade. If we can get Alfie to start using his old scams and tricks. Will he reconcile with Kat?

“Alfie is still putting in extra effort for Kat, and he is attempting to persuade her that he knows she feels the same. I’m currently playing storylines where you go; will they?”

Meet Nish Panesar!

The father of Kheerat, Vinny, and Ash who will move to Walford at the end of this month, Nish Panesar, has been cast by EastEnders producers as Navin Chowdhry.

Nish, who recently served a 20-year prison sentence, is determined to mend his marriage to Suki and mend fences with his kids, but his return will coincide with a serious crisis for the family.

Nish has been described as “charming and charismatic” by the show’s producers, but viewers will soon discover that he is actually icy-cold, cunning, and motivated by a desire for respect and power. As new details emerge, it becomes abundantly clear that the Panesar family is one to keep an eye on as Christmas approaches.

Navin said of joining EastEnders: “It’s been great.”

everybody has been very nice. My current role is centered on the Panesar family, but everyone has been very hospitable.

It was a new experience for me to work on a show like EastEnders, but I enjoyed the storylines and developed a strong interest in this family because there is constantly so much going on!

Nish is a fascinating character who, because of his slight unconventionality, causes drama and mayhem. I believe there is a good man underneath, but trouble seems to follow these guys [the Panesars] everywhere, so I’m eager to join in and light off a few more fireworks and explosions.

A huge twist in Janine’s story

Naturally, Janine is another character to keep an eye on this month as the show intensifies its preparations for Mick’s shocking departure.

Although Mick and Janine started dating earlier this year, viewers are aware that he still has a lot of unresolved issues with his ex-wife Linda.

According to Clenshaw, there will be “something very climactic” between Mick and Janine in the coming weeks, and that twist will completely change the course of events. The plot is ultimately laying the groundwork for Janine’s brother Ricky, a.k.a. Sid Own, to briefly return; viewers will have to tune in to learn what this will be.

Ricky is returning, Clenshaw declared. “Janine is here, and she and Mick are dating,”and something very dramatic is developing between them.

“Janine has finally found her perfect match in Mick and The Vic, but we all know how close Mick and Linda are and how deeply they love one another. But at that point, we are already familiar with Janine and her traits.

“I won’t give away how Ricky comes back, but it plays into the Janine story.”

Frankie’s exit

Frankie Lewis’ tenure on the program will come to an end this month as Rose Ayling-Ellis is leaving the part.

Rose has already finished filming her last scenes as Frankie, who will take center stage in a gloomy narrative throughout September.

After a night out, Frankie will be scared and forced to make some difficult decisions about her future as a result of being followed home and hassled by an unknown person.

Regarding her departure, Rose said: “My time on the show has been wonderful, and playing Frankie has been a blast. But I feel like the time is right for me to move on, and I’m eager and prepared for fresh difficulties.

“I will always be grateful for the two years I spent working on the show and all the amazing people who helped me develop as an actor and gave me so many wonderful memories. I am eager for viewers to see Frankie’s exit storyline because I believe it to be a really significant one that will resonate with many.”


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