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EastEnders SPOILERS: Jada’s exit revealed in drugs horror?

Jada Lennox’s departure from Albert Square appears to have been foreshadowed by EastEnders.

Last year, the daughter of the late Dennis Rickman’s mother, a teen, moved to Walford.

Sharon Watts, Denny’s mother, soon took her in and has been her home ever since.

However, the character will be eliminated by the company as part of a significant cast reorganization.

The soap opera’s actress Kelsey Calladine-Smith will leave soon, and spoilers now reveal how she will leave.

The situation with Jada takes a sinister turn the next week when it is claimed that she supplied the pills that left Amy Mitchell fighting for her life.

Next episode, viewers will witness Stuart Highway get out of control and acquire drugs.

He turns the medicines over to Jada, though, to stop himself before he reaches rock bottom and takes them.

Jada intends to get rid of them, but she attends Denise’s birthday party before she has a chance.

The narcotics tumble out of her purse there.

They are taken away by a terrified Denise, but as a result, events take an unexpected turn.

Later, Amy steals the tablets from Denise in an effort to impress Denzel.

And even more shocking, she consumes one.

When Denise returns home, she realizes the narcotics have vanished and joins forces with her husband Jack to locate them.

However, they are barely in time to witness Amy falling after a terrible response while they search for the teenagers.

The other parents demand explanations as Amy is left battling for her life after an ambulance is called.

Martin Fowler, Lily’s father, is aggressively pressing Howie for explanations since he believes Denzel provided them.

Lily later reveals that Jada was the original source, though.

Will she be ejected from the Square in retaliation for her actions? Will Stuart save her, or not?


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