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EastEnders spoilers: Janine crash secret exposed, Stuart’s huge decision, Amy’s life in danger

Stuart Highway’s (Ricky Champ) mental state continues to deteriorate, and his fears grow as he takes drastic action in EastEnders.

A situation escalates, forcing Stuart to make a critical decision about his future.

Meanwhile, Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) is understandably concerned as Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) gets closer to discovering the truth about the crash.

Is Janine’s crime about to come to light?

Monday August 22

Stuart, agitated, snaps and throws away his antidepressant prescription. Linda intervenes outside of his NA meeting when she notices him near a drug dealer, and the situation between them becomes heated.

Stuart, desperate, buys some drugs but later gives them to Jada. He goes to apologize to Linda, but is met with a cold response from Mick. Stuart takes drastic action after being unable to get an appointment with his doctor.

Linda informs Mick of her upcoming court hearing date and expresses her concerns about the outcome.

Later, after the argument with Stuart, a distraught Linda enters The Vic, and Mick comes to her aid, much to Janine’s dismay. Linda becomes emotional when she realizes she will be separated from Annie after taking her first steps in front of her and Mick. They almost kiss, but Jada intervenes.

Billy becomes envious when he sees Finlay and Honey together at the Minute Mart. Sonia notices Kim avoiding Honey and confronts her, demanding that she pay Honey the money owed from their bet. Honey later admits to Kim that she lost the bet because she declined a date with Finlay, which pleases Billy.

Lily, Nugget, Denzel, and Amy plan a movie night, and Amy and Denzel’s flirting irritates Lily. Later, at Denise’s birthday party, Stuart’s drug bag falls from Jada’s purse, and Lily steals the pills after Denise confiscates them.

Amy swallows half a pill in an attempt to impress Denzel. Denise quickly realizes the drugs are missing and sets out with Jack to find the group. They come across Amy just as she collapses and immediately call an ambulance.

Tuesday August 23

As the situation worsens, Bernie goes above and beyond at the GP surgery to assist a distraught Stuart. She apologizes to him for not realizing he was living with PND and for assisting Rainie in getting out of the Square. Stuart becomes desperate after concluding that he has been misdiagnosed.

Amy is being attended to by paramedics, while Jack and Denise look on in despair. Martin presses Lily to find out how Amy obtained the drugs. Back at his stall, he waits for news on Amy with Billy, who is becoming irritated by the amount of noise coming from Felix and Finlay’s stall.

Mr Lister tries to shut down Felix and Finlay’s stall, but Billy steps in to save them. Martin later confronts Howie, insisting that Denzel supplied Lily with the drugs.

Janine flirts with Mick at The Vic, who is preoccupied with Linda. To show his support, he asks Linda to recount the details of the accident and encourages her to check her call log online. Mick and Linda soon discover that Linda called The Vic that night, causing Janine to panic.

Wednesday August 24

Stuart continues to struggle with his health, relying on those around him for support as he prepares to face his diagnosis.

Linda, convinced she is going to prison, prepares future birthday cards for her children. Sharon admits she was at The Vic on the day of the accident and knows who answered Linda’s phone call. Linda confronts Janine about the call in front of Mick at The Vic.

Martin warns Lily to avoid Denzel and Nugget because he no longer trusts her. Martin takes Lily to the salon to apologize to Howie after overhearing Lily confess to Eve, where Lily reveals the source of the drugs.

Martin, Howie, and Linda pressed Jada to reveal where she obtained the drugs. Later, Lily gives Denzel a well-deserved apology. Denzel and Lily pay a visit to Amy in the hospital together.

Billy and Whitney try to teach Finlay some useful seller’s jargon at the market. Finlay informs Billy at The Vic that he has caught on to his feelings for Honey.

Thursday August 25

Linda decides to make the most of her limited time by suggesting a Carnival party at The Vic, which Mick enjoys. Mick encourages Ollie to spend the night at Linda’s house, which she appreciates.

As his health situation worsens, Stuart makes some major decisions about his future.

In other news, Jack brings Amy home from the hospital and separates her from Denzel. When warning the kids about drugs, Jack tells Amy to stay away from Denzel and Nugget in the future.

Billy confides in Finlay at the stall, admiring his charm and confidence, that Honey is the only woman for him, and Finlay wonders what he can do to help.


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