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EastEnders spoilers: Jay and Honey split confirmed?

Before a massive plot, there is shift in the air. (Images via BBC)

The EastEnders couple of Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) and Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton), who are now living together after having a stepmother and son relationship, has been at best contentious.

As a result of their relationship’s differences, it appears like the couple may be headed for trouble.

Honey is already under stress due to Ben Mitchell’s (Max Bowden) presence, so when Jay gets home from a night out with Lola Pierce (Danielle Harold) intoxicated, Honey is even more irate.

Think of him as restrained!

After making fun of Jay about Honey taking care of him, Lola invites Jay to Peggy’s for a drink, and Jay accepts.

He is shocked to see Honey up for it because he had assumed she wouldn’t be interested, but she subsequently passes out on the couch, leaving Jay to go alone.

While Frankie and Lola continue to annoy Jay about Honey, Jay enjoys a night out. Jay is pretty inebriated when he arrives home late, and Honey is not impressed.

As they sense a chasm widening, is this the beginning of the end for the couple?

Can they improve their connection instead?

The recent assurance that Jay will take care of Lola in her final days makes it seem likely that he will be there for her when she is close to death.

In a shocking new plotline, it has been revealed that Lola will die from a brain tumour.


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