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EastEnders spoilers: Kat falls for Alfie again after his very Alfie behaviour?

Shane Richie was informed that the Alfie Moon he would be playing would be “the old Alfie,” “the guy who looked after his Nana Moon and wore his heart on his sleeve and tries to make light of everything, but you know through his own innocence and naivete still gets it wrong.”

In 2003, Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) fell in love with this production of Alfie at the Queen Vic. In the upcoming episodes, Alfie will do his best to win Kat back, and she will find the echoes of his carefree younger self to be particularly alluring.

Alfie tells Kat that his main goal is to win her back from Phil before setting up a booth in the market to raffle off his boat (Steve McFadden). She acts as if she doesn’t care, but as she observes him in action with his charming cheek, she can’t help but smile.

Will this be sufficient to convince her to leave Phil Mitchell, Walford’s hardest hard man, and go back to her first love? Or has the water level under the bridge gotten too high?

As Jean (Gillian Wright) offers to let Alfie move in with her, it seems like there will be plenty of time to find out. Alfie Moon will be around for a while, whether Phil likes it or not.

How long can Kat hold off?


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