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EastEnders spoilers: Kathy has shock news for a gutted Bobby

When Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) finds out he might lose his job, it will be a tremendous blow for him on EastEnders.

In response to this shocking information, he and Dana (Barbara Smith) commiserate over the restaurant closing and decide to get together for a drink.

Rocky (Brian Conley) can’t help interfering when Bobby tells him he’s going to meet Dana for a drink. Both Dana and Bobby are informed that the other wishes to rekindle their relationship by the speaker.

However, do they really? Subsequently their breakup, a lot has happened, and Dana has since started to show interest in Bobby’s brother Peter (Dayle Hudson). It’s difficult to go past that.

Bobby is anxious about Dana’s reaction as he gets ready to meet her for drinks.

Are they going to get back together soon?

What will Bobby do next now that Walford East is closing? We are aware that Barbara Smith will leave Albert Square soon. If they reconciled, what would her departure imply for Bobby?


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