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EastEnders spoilers: Mitch gets a shock as his family arrive with big secrets

Mitch’s brother shows up, making his birthday special. (Image: BBC)

In tonight’s episode of EastEnders, it’s Mitch Baker’s (Roger Griffiths) birthday, and it’s going to be a special one since his brother Avery (Omar Lye-Fook) is coming to visit him.

Initially unaware that his brother has arrived in Walford in his flashy car, Mitch initially irritates the market vendors.

Avery encourages the market vendors to meet him in the pub later that day for a meeting, sensing that his presence hasn’t exactly been a success.

At the apartment, Karen (Lorraine Stanley) ignores Mitch’s protests that he really doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday this year and pulls him to the bar.

But as soon as they arrive, Mitch recognises Avery.

As the week goes on, it becomes quite evident that Mitch doesn’t want Avery around, but when his brother passes out, his attention switches.

Avery pulls up in a stylish vehicle (Picture: BBC)

Avery’s sons Felix (Matthew Morrison) and Finlay (Ashley Byam) quickly arrive after receiving a call from Mitch and share a surprise with the Taylor family, but what’s going on?

How many hidden agendas do these fresh faces have?


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