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EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Watts heartbroken as Phil Mitchell chooses Kat Slater over her

In EastEnders, Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) was left feeling completely crushed after Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) made it clear that he would wed Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) no matter what.

As viewers are aware, the enduring character has been trying to win Phil’s love again since their breakup more than two years ago.

Following her breakup with Phil, Sharon initially made an effort to move on by pursuing a relationship with Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Singh Deol), but she was unable to do so despite her best efforts.

Phil was able to lean on Sharon for support earlier this year when his life was in danger in jail, and the two rekindled their friendship.

They then shared a passionate kiss after he was freed from captivity, and Phil even told Sharon that she had always been the one for him.

But ultimately, a miscommunication caused him to reject Sharon as he rekindled his romance with Kat, whom he plans to wed.

Sharon tried to move on once more by going on a date with Matt, but she ultimately found herself thinking back on her time with Phil and making the decision to win him back.

The former landlady put her plan into action on Monday’s (September 12) episode of the BBC One soap opera as she looked through an old photo album before choosing a picture of her and Phil from the early 1990s, framed it, and gave it to Phil on his wedding day.

While expressing his love for Sharon, Phil made it clear that he intends to wed Kat and that he needs a “fresh start” despite this.

While this was going on, Kat learned of Sharon’s deeds and engaged her in a classic EastEnders-style brawl.

It was interestingly revealed in this episode of the soap opera that Phil and Kat are getting married for reasons other than just love, so it is unclear whether or not their wedding will take place.

One unexpected appearance during the closing credits, that of Alfie Moon (Shane Richie), could ruin everything.


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