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EastEnders spoilers: Shirley issues a dark threat to terrified Sam

In upcoming EastEnders scenes, Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) issues Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) a summons.

Sam was behind the shooting in which Shirley took a bullet for Kat (Jessie Wallace), and Shirley knows this, but she demands cash in exchange for her quiet.

If Sam doesn’t pay up, she says she’ll tell Phil (Steve McFadden) everything.

Sam has been secretly working with drug dealer Jonah to bring down the Mitchell empire ever since she came back in April.

Shirley isn’t the only one involved in the scheme, as Sam was compelled to tell his nephew Ben (Max Bowden) everything after he overheard a heroin trade taking place in Peggy’s.

Sam promoted him to co-manager of the tavern to bribe him into keeping quiet. Since then, Ben has battled drug addiction on his own, but he has managed to keep quiet about Sam’s dubious activities.

Will Sam be able to buy Shirley’s cooperation by rewarding her, or will Phil eventually learn the truth about his sister’s treachery?


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