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EastEnders spoilers: Shocking scenes as a broken Ben punches mum Kathy

A mother will support her child even in the most difficult circumstances, and right now on EastEnders, things for tortured Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) couldn’t be much worse.

After learning that he was raped by the villainous Lewis (Aidan O’Callaghan), his distraught mother Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) is doing everything she can to assist her son, but as he loses control, she is becoming helpless.

She gets caught in the middle when Ben lashes out once more and unintentionally strikes her, which will make her feel upset.

When Kathy visits Ben at The Arches, Rocky (Brian Conley) has been bugging her about Ben’s behaviour and advises him to speak with a professional who can help him.

Rocky decides to enforce the law without knowing the full extent of what Ben and Kathy are going through after Rocky quickly shuts down the suggestion and tensions between the two men continue to rise.

Rocky snaps at Ben out of frustration with the way he is treating Kathy and tells him the truth. When things get out of hand, Kathy steps in to defend Rocky as Ben prepares to punch him, accidentally hitting Kathy in the process.

Later on in the Albert, when Honey (Emma Barton) queries Kathy about her cut lip, she dismisses it, but Honey isn’t persuaded.

Ben’s problems are still present (Picture: BBC)

After noticing the interaction, a repentant Ben apologises to Kathy, but when she suggests that he get assistance, he yells at her.

Will Kathy’s agonising resolve to refrain from speaking to him until he receives assistance encourage Ben to schedule the appointment?

Or will he distance himself even more from his mother?


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