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EastEnders spoilers: Shooting horror, funeral tragedy and Janine’s fury

On EastEnders, Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) directs Phil (Steve McFadden) to a Lewis (Aidan O’Callaghan) who is bound up.

Lewis appears to be at Phil and Sam’s mercy and will eventually pay for what he did to Ben (Max Bowden), but how? What lengths will Phil stoop to?

In another scene, Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) has a joyous gift for Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), but when Linda (Kellie Bright) catches his eye, her happiness quickly turns to rage.

Monday August 15

Although Ben has been released from the hospital, Phil recognizes the difficult journey ahead. Phil meets with Keeble to discuss how to aid Lewis’ recovery and requests that she hurl the book at him. Kat declines to get involved as Sam tries to use her to reach Phil.
Sam gives up and chooses to leave Walford, so she approaches Kat to get the safe combination so she may get her passport. Kat cautions her not to take any more cautiously. Sam is getting ready to leave when Zack phones to announce that he has located Lewis. Lewis has a gun in a safe in her suitcase, so Zack and Sam drive off to fetch it.

Jay is not pleased when Stuart is late for the funeral, and things only grow worse for Stuart when he forgets some important funeral details, upsetting Mitch.

Tara pays a moving eulogy to Avery, and then Mitch, Felix, and Finlay go outside to release the dove.

Jay dismisses Stuart following the funeral as a result of the growing number of complaints. Kim is unhappy when Howie informs her that Denzel must stay with him longer in another scene. Kim lets Howie know that Denzel is welcome to stay after speaking with Felix.

Mr. Lister hears Ash and Honey discussing Honey’s single status as he surveys the market. Suki’s condition is obviously not good, and Ash begs Nina to examine her out. When Ravi arrives Suki is reminded that she must continue as usual, so she opens the Minute Mart.

Tuesday August 16

Jay informs Callum that Stuart has been dismissed, but the subject changes when Ben requests a meeting with Callum.

Jay encourages Callum and Ben to talk, but their conversation is unsuccessful. Ben receives more bad news when Lola forbids him from seeing Lexi until he receives medical attention. Ben is still in astonishment when Zack tells him about Sam’s scheme.

Sam says Lewis is bound up in the trunk of the car and she has Phil’s gun; it’s time to exact revenge, which astounds Phil. Phil is reluctant as Sam takes him to a warehouse.

Mr. Lister begs Lola for a quick makeover in an effort to win over Honey. Additionally, Sonia and Honey have their hair done, and Honey accepts a challenge needs to affirm everything.

Eve asks Billy to take her out for a drink after noticing an uneasy conversation between Honey and Billy. Mr. Lister approaches Honey and extends an invitation to lunch before Billy has the chance.

In spite of Billy’s disappointment, Honey sticks to her challenge and accepts. Felix and Finlay discuss Finlay’s desire for his own market stall. Vi and Callum worry about Stuart in the meantime. Stuart consults with his doctor about his cancer diagnosis at the hospital.

Ravi reminds Suki that she needs to act normally after noticing that the Minute Mart is shut once more. The couple informs Suki’s kids in Walford East that they jointly purchased the eatery.

Wednesday August 17

Karen, Callum, and Vi search for Stuart because they are concerned about him and discover him packing up all of his stuff. They inquire about his cancer diagnosis after sensing something is off, but Stuart replies that he has been given the all-clear, which only makes them more perplexed about his behavior.

Stuart begins to open himself to Karen when they are alone and tells her that he has given Rainie all of his parental rights and that she doesn’t want to see Stuart ever again. Karen can relate to Stuart’s suffering. Karen tries to persuade him that this might be postpartum depression and urges him to get treatment.

Sonia explains to Billy Honey’s difficulty in saying yes after she notices Billy upset about Honey and Mr. Lister’s ‘date’.

Sonia advises Billy to interrupt and ask Honey out when he says he wants to start dating her again. However, Finlay arrives first and, upon observing Honey’s suffering, enters under the guise of her boyfriend, shocking Billy. Finlay’s food truck gets Honey’s approval.

Thursday August 18

Karen reminds everyone about Bernie’s birthday tomorrow and asks Felix and Finlay to help organize a celebration tonight to lighten the mood when Avery’s urn is delivered. Finlay learns through Honey that Mr. Lister has rejected his request for a food stand, so the brothers devise a plan to persuade him otherwise.

Stuart finally decides to see a doctor after some persuasion from Karen, and even though it conflicts with Bernie’s party, Karen goes with him.

The night’s karaoke plans for Linda are thwarted elsewhere by Janine, but she realizes Mick wants the entertainment when he returns from his trip.

Despite her best efforts, Janine becomes furious when Mick joins Linda for some karaoke. While at Peggy’s, Shirley threatens Sam with telling Phil everything unless she gets her share of the money.


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