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EastEnders spoilers: Suki Panesar ‘kills’ Ranveer during violent showdown

Suki Panesar is being blackmailed by the evil Ranveer, but will she actually kill him to escape on EastEnders the following week?

Next week on EastEnders, Suki Panesar finds herself in danger after being involved in a bloody brawl.

Since her children learned of her involvement in Jags’ death, the matriarch has found herself estranged from them.

The Panesars paid Ben for his security after Suki set up Jags to be arrested instead of his brother Vinny.

However, Ben cancelled the security, and Jags was killed while he was in custody.

The Panesars were unaware of the real cause of Jags’ death until Ben, who was battling an out-of-control life after the rape, said what he did.

Suki acknowledged that she was the reason that Vinny was never in danger and that Jags was sent to prison as Kheerat lost control and attempted to kill Ben. She acknowledged that she had done it to make Jags pay for his association with Habiba.

Suki’s kids have promised never to talk to her again and to refrain from aiding her in her financial plight.

As Ranveer continues to threaten her, Suki will find herself in a difficult predicament the next week. Later, an unaware Vinny shows there, and she keeps drifting more away from her family.

On Tuesday, Suki devises a scheme because Ranveer wants to get right to work. However, he is enraged when he learns what she has done.

Suki assures him that she will make amends for his refusal to leave. When Suki maintains her composure, a bloody altercation breaks out, and she calls Kheerat in a panic and begs for his assistance.

Ravi is searching for his father somewhere else when Eve, who had earlier seen Suki and Suki together, directs him to Suki.

Suki manages to overcome Ranveer’s strength, but she smacks him in the head.

When Ravi finds Ranveer’s lifeless body and arrives on Wednesday, Suki’s stomach is in knots.

Was he murdered by her?


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