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EastEnders spoilers: Wedding drama for Kat Slater tonight as Alfie Moon returns

In tonight’s episode of EastEnders, Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace), who is getting ready to marry Phil Mitchell, is in for a huge shock when Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) makes a surprise appearance (Steve McFadden).

The start time of the wedding episodes has been moved up this week to 8:30 p.m. on Monday, September 12, due to the ongoing coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing and King Charles III’s coronation.

Alfie’s widely anticipated return has caused the big day to become chaotic, making it a big week for the show.

Kat is eagerly getting ready for the ceremony, wearing white, and even getting to see her grandmother Big Mo make a comeback (Laila Morse).

However, her expression changes dramatically when Alfie, who has been called by their sons Bert and Ernie, knocks on the door.

Alfie is attempting to win back his ex-wife after learning of Kat’s intentions to wed Phil, but will he be successful?

Despite everything that has transpired between Kat and Alfie over the past 20 years, Shane Richie recently told Metro.co.uk that “there is still a spark there.”

Now that Alfie has turned into Phil Mitchell’s archenemy, there are some fantastic scripts where Alfie calls Phil in the face Mr. Potato Head or Gru from the Minions, and the only reason Alfie gets away with it is because he knows Kat is there and Kat won’t let anything bad happen to him!

Alfie is still putting in extra effort for Kat, and he is attempting to persuade her that he is feeling the same way. I’m currently playing storylines where you go; will they? ’

In scenes this week, Kat will confront Alfie while he is on a boat, and it will be obvious that this is just another attempt to convince her to call off the wedding.

But of course, a catastrophe occurs!

Phil might also become uneasy in the meantime. Letitia Dean’s character, Sharon Watts, has stated that she intends to prevent the big day from happening.

Can Sharon persuade Phil that they belong together while she still has strong feelings for him?


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