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EastEnders star Danielle Harold transforms into a Barbie doll complete with packaging

The EastEnders actress Danielle Harold has transformed into a Barbie doll to showcase her incredible makeup skills and love of fashion.

The actress who plays Lola Pearce shared a photo of the stunning appearance on Instagram.

Danielle can be seen sporting blue lycra, leg warmers, and a pink Barbie box to tie it all together.

The actress received a lot of comments on the post, many of which praised the transformation.

Later this year, Danielle will leave EastEnders.

After receiving a brain tumour diagnosis, her on-and-off since 2011 character Lola will pass away.

According to a source who spoke to The Sun about Lola’s tragic demise, “EastEnders is anxious to make headlines and push watching figures with dramatic plotlines, and Lola’s farewell will have loyal fans in bits.” It’ll be an obsessional watch.

The plot will involve Lola’s grandfather Billy (Perry Fenwick) and Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick), who will care for Lola as her life ends.

The departure of Danielle brings about a significant cast shake-up for the soap opera as several other actors are either going or have already quit.

There will always be significant changes when a new boss takes over, and Chris is no exception, an insider from EastEnders told Metro.co.uk.

He has been putting a lot of effort into the background since January and is really aiming to change things up, which will involve saying goodbye to some people.

They stated, “It’s nothing personal to any of the characters leaving; it’s just a creative decision. For great storylines to develop, people have to say goodbye; that’s the nature of soap.

Chris has some extremely significant stories planned, and fans can expect to see his work begin to air this summer.

He is really eager to restore the show to its original form and to rebuild the clans through some major, protracted, explosive stories. Being a part of the performance at this time is amazing.


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