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EastEnders star James Farrar shares touching reason he quit modelling for soap role

The celebrity wished to look after his mother.

James Farrar, an actor on EastEnders, has spoken candidly about his choice to give up modelling before joining the show.

The actor joined the cast as Zack Hudson, Sharon Watts’ half-brother, last year. He recently disclosed in a new interview that his mother’s struggle with cancer inspired him to change his life’s course.

He told TV Mag, “Before this job, I was a model and travelling to Milan, then New York, then Paris.

“I think it was a good thing that I got the EastEnders job because Summer, my little daughter, wouldn’t have been born if I was continued working the crazy hours and travelling I was doing with modelling,” she said.

James continued, noting that his modelling frequently took him outside of the nation, “One of the reasons I joined EastEnders was because of my mum, who has cancer.”

It implied that, if these were to be my final days with her, we would spend them together rather than him travelling the globe.

The celebrity said that his mother has improved while undergoing chemotherapy, adding: “She’s crushing it and possesses the tenacity of a warrior. She has completed her radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and the remaining five years of her remission are just a matter of getting through them.”

Following the dissolution of the romance between Zack and Maddy Hill’s character Nancy Carter last month, James paid tribute to his departed co-star.

My friend Mads, you took care of me, he said. “Every day on set, proper trust. I’m grateful, G.”


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