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EastEnders star Matt Di Angelo announces birth of baby twins in adorable post

Favorite Jean Slater from EASTENDERS will soon return to the Square, but she might get caught up in one of Walford’s biggest crises before long. According to an yzee.uk idea, she could be drawn into Suki Panesar’s terrible secret.

Jean (Gillian Wright), who was last seen working at a cafe in the campground where Stacey Slater and her family were vacationing, was last seen a few weeks ago. She said that she had been avoiding the family and that she was hesitant to go back to the Square because of how she had acted during her bipolar relapse. Stacey made the decision to stay with her mother for a short while since she didn’t want to pressure her into something she wasn’t ready for.According to confirmed EastEnders spoilers, Jean will take the plunge and return home the following week, but will a conversation with Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Deol) cause her to learn something dreadful?

Awkwardness arises when Arthur Fowler (Rocco Brenner) cowers away from Jean in upcoming scenes from the BBC soap opera as her friends and family eagerly welcome her home.

When Jean tells Stacey she’ll attend the Carnival celebration, she instantly turns around when she sees her ex-husband Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) and his daughter Dana Monroe (Barbara Smith) outside.

After speaking with Stacey, Kheerat reconsiders his fight with Suki, but he is shocked to discover that Nugget Gulati (Juhaim Rasul Choudhury) and Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) are moving in with his mother.

Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) later witnesses Ravi making fun of Kheerat for taking care of Suki.

She tells Suki about what’s going on out of concern.

Kheerat offers to pay for the renovation of Jean’s bedroom at the Slaters, but Stacey gently declines and asks him to stay with Jean while she leaves.

Shiv Jalota’s character Vinny Panesar agrees to help Kheerat out, and soon paint pots are sent to renovate the space.

A paint fight breaks out between the kids, Eve, Kheerat, and Jean, however, and things change.

As soon as things start to get awkward, Suki flees before a perplexed Stacey returns home to see the scene. Suki immediately arrives to speak to Kheerat.

In the meantime, Jean ventures outside with the support of Kheerat, and Kheerat acknowledges that he must watch out for his mother.

Kheerat tells Stacey all about his problems with Ravi, which become apparent to her when Ravi tries to seduce her.

Stacey responds by intentionally kissing Kheerat.

Jean will certainly get determined to leave the house and face her worries after listening to Kheerat’s suggestions.

She might, however, make an attempt to speak to Suki in an effort to thank Kheerat for helping her out because she is such a nice friend.

Jean can attempt to divert Harvey’s attention by mending Kheerat’s relationship with his mother.

She might find Suki, but unintentionally overhear a shocking discussion.

Suki recently attacked Ranveer Gulati (Anil Goutam) in self-defense when he tried to assault her in her home, as viewers would be aware.

Suki worried after she knocked him out because she thought she had killed him.

When Ranveer’s son Ravi arrived, he informed Suki to leave so he could handle the problem after learning what had occurred.

Ranveer was actually still alive, though, and when a battle broke out, Ravi ultimately delivered the deadly blow, killing Ranveer.

Suki is unaware that she did not kill Ranveer, and Ravi wants to keep it that way.

He is keeping Suki near and acting as though he is protecting her, but in reality, he is just attempting to rescue himself and take all he can from his father’s business.

If Jean sees the two having a private conversation, she can approach them to ask Suki to talk to her privately only to overhear them discussing the murder as she approaches.

What will a dumbfounded Jean do? She is making an effort to maintain a low profile after making a scene the previous time she visited Walford.

Will she keep the details private? Or is she going to march to the police station to accuse Suki of a crime she didn’t commit?


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