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Rose Ayling-Ellis shuts down rumours about move following EastEnders exit

Following the announcement of her departure from EastEnders last week, Rose Ayling-Ellis has put an end to speculation about her upcoming professional move.

According to the 27-year-old, there is no truth to the persistent rumors that she will be joining another popular BBC show.

After two years on the soap opera, Rose revealed last week that she was leaving EastEnders.

The Strictly 2021 champion remarked, “Now feels like the appropriate moment for me to go on and I am enthusiastic and ready for new challenges,” when asked about her exit.

Following the announcement of her departure, some of Rose’s social media actions were observed.

The 27-year-old followed Russell T Davies, the show’s creator, and the new Doctor Who, Ncuti Gatwa, on Instagram. She also kept up with Doctor Who’s casting director Andy Pryor.

The star’s followers subsequently began to speculate that she had been chosen to serve as the new Doctor Who assistant.

Rose, though, asserts that this isn’t at all the case.

Actress Rose made a live broadcast from the Edinburgh TV Festival for Sky News.

The star seized the chance to dispel the Doctor Who rumors when asked about them during her interview.

“I don’t know how that got started! A rumor has gained traction, she remarked.

She said, “That sounds like a pretty amazing job.”

When questioned if the rumors were true, Rose responded, “There’s no truth.

“I believe it was simply a rumor that started on Twitter last week and it’s just gotten bigger and bigger and now it’s everywhere!”

Rose’s latest endeavor
Rose’s first endeavor after leaving EastEnders was later made public.

According to news released at the Edinburgh TV Festival, Rose will be in a BBC program about sign language.

In the one-hour film, Rose will look at ways to include and alter society for the better.

Additionally, she will encounter “trailblazers” from the deaf community.

The reality of deaf individuals in the UK need to be communicated with a wider audience, Rose said. “This documentary will be authentic, emotional, and hard-hitting,” she said.

“I aim to inspire people to consider how we as a society behave and to think about how we can make deaf people’s lives better. It won’t portray me as an inspiration, but it will reveal the unpleasant realities that we urgently need to face.


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