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EastEnders star Tony Clay shares romantic anniversary celebration with girlfriend

Star of EastEnders Tony Clay recently celebrated his anniversary with his fiancée and their dog during a memorable evening.

The actor has been with his partner Olivia for six years. The actor portrays Callum Highway in the BBC One serial opera.

Tony posted a selfie with Olivia and their puppy, Daisy, on his Instagram Stories.

6 years, he wrote. I adore you! (And Daisy of course)”

Since 2018, Tony has played Callum Highway on the television show EastEnders.

Two plotlines that made many fans fall in love with the character were coming to terms with his sexuality and his connection with Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden).

But most recently, Callum broke up with Ben because she thought he had an affair with Lewis (Aidan O’Callaghan).

Callum is still unaware that Ben was sexually assaulted by Lewis and did not cheat.

Ben, who was having a hard time this week, tried using medicines to help him deal with his emotions.

Ben (Balvinder Sopal) initially discovered Ben after he had collapsed after taking too many pills, but she later left him to die as a form of retaliation.

Fortunately, Callum and Jay (Jamie Borthwick) were able to save Ben and dial an ambulance.


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