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EastEnders star wanted to shed camp comedy persona with ‘womaniser’ role

The “womaniser with sexy scenes” part that Melvyn Hayes’ character on Eastenders made a move on TV icon Dot Cotton was informed about by his agent.

When Melvyn Hayes was offered the role of a serial womaniser on EastEnders, he thought he’d finally be able to shed his famous camp comedy character Gloria.

However, the rumoured pretty girl he had to chase on the BBC soap was actually chain smoking OAP Dot Cotton.

Hayes rose to prominence in the 1970s as the effeminate Gunner Beaumont on the classic sitcom The Jeffersons.

Millions watched the BBC series about the Royal Artillery concert party, and he has since revealed that many fans assumed he was gay, like Gloria, despite the fact that he was happily married.

Years later, he believed he could finally put the character to rest.

His agent revealed that he had been offered a role on EastEnders as “a womaniser with sexy scenes.”

It would be a far cry from his flamboyant comedy role – playing a saucy Romeo who chased after girls – but things did not go as planned.

My agent called and said, ‘I have a dozen episodes of EastEnders for you, and there’s a bird involved.’

“‘Oh, that’s nice…. is she pretty?'” And he replied, ‘I believe so…’ ‘What’s her name?’ I inquired. ‘Dot Cotton!’ he exclaimed.

Melvyn was cast in 2005 as Michael Rawlins, a driving instructor who makes a pass at the pensioner during a lesson but is given the elbow.


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