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EastEnders teases Phil and Sam Mitchell trouble as Lewis escapes

A fresh perspective on Phil and Sam Mitchell’s botched revenge scheme has been provided by EastEnders.

In Tuesday’s (August 16) episode, the Mitchells experience a tragic turn of events when they learn that Lewis Butler, Ben’s rapist, has escaped from their car trunk.

Even worse, Lewis has now acquired Phil’s rifle and is prepared to take whatever necessary precautions to defend himself. Phil and Sam must act quickly to recapture Lewis before he can cause any more damage.

The BBC One show on Tuesday at 7.30 p.m. will feature these scenes.

Sam Mitchell abducted Lewis in order to win back her brother Phil’s favor, which set up this confrontation.

Sam has been eager to make amends to her brother after last week’s incident when she and Phil’s adversary Jonah were caught selling drugs at Peggy’s nightclub.

In Monday’s episode, Sam was on the verge of abandoning Walford altogether when Zack Hudson called to inform him that he had located Lewis, the man who had raped Ben.

Lewis was then confined in the trunk of a car after the pair leaped on him. There will be numerous turns and turns throughout the week as Phil and Sam try to track down Lewis once more.


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