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EastEnders spoilers: S*x humiliation, Ben jailed, Phil revelation

In EastEnders, a lot has happened with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), and as a result, Walford is shaken as Sharon (Letitia Dean), Kat (Jessie Wallace), and Sam (Kim Medcalf) deal with the grave repercussions.

Sam also tricks Kat into signing a paperwork that is actually Peggy’s, which gives her plan to undermine Kat and Sharon more impetus. Will Kat, however, eventually see through it?

Sam is undoubtedly concerned that her plans will be discovered.

Ben (Max Bowden) is still disintegrating elsewhere, and before long, he could spend years in jail.

Tuesday, July 11

After the tragic events of the previous night, Sharon visits Kat. (Image: BBC)

Following the terrible events of the previous evening, Sharon checks in on Kat, but the two struggle to remain amicable, resulting in a heated quarrel.

Sam is concerned that her plan to topple the Mitchell Empire will be discovered, but she has a scheme to convince Kat to transfer the club to her.

All parties involved must make their way through the crisis because the landscape is changing dramatically.

Monday, July 12

A police officer informs Peter, Rocky, and Kathy that Peter’s attacker has been located. (Image: BBC)

Ben is prompted by Kathy to tell Callum what transpired with Lewis after she notices Callum reaching out an olive branch to Ben. Ben decides to ask Callum to see him after running into Kheerat, who gives him some counsel. Stuart advises against it, but Callum meets Ben.

Following an altercation in The Vic, an irate Callum yells at Ben and leaves. A policeman gives Peter, Rocky, and Kathy an update on the search for Peter’s attacker but acknowledges they are having little success. In an effort to make amends and show Peter her affection, Kathy tries to do so.

Peter believes his argument is supported, though, when Kathy jumps to Ben’s side after the incident involving Callum. Kathy returns home to discover a distraught Ben trying to process what just happened.

Mitch resists Karen’s attempts to get him to speak with Avery. But after receiving some guidance from an unexpected source. Mitch makes the decision to talk to Avery. The moment, however, is short-lived since Mitch is indignant and insists he go.

Tuesday, July 12

Kathy is horrified when the cops show up to take Ben into custody after the party is ended (Picture: BBC)

Ben and Peter’s arguments are driving Kathy crazy, so she plans a games night to honour Rocky’s birthday and demands that they both attend. The invitation is extended by Kathy to Lola, Jay, and Harvey.

At Walford East, Peter and Dana’s passions continue to grow, and they start to kiss and undress each other but are stopped by someone.

Rocky’s party starts, but Ben is utterly uninterested in taking part in the activities.

Ben understands that the event is all about him and not Rocky. As tensions between him and Peter increase, things worsen and a major argument results. Ben tells Kathy some distressing words and reveals a bombshell. After the party is done, Kathy is surprised to see Ben being taken into custody by the police after Peter denounced him for the attack.

Howie gets ready to leave for his own apartment at Kim’s request, but when she changes her mind, she deliberately injures his foot again, extending his stay.

In order to arrange their encounter, Karen exerts pressure on Mitch to give Avery a chance. Karen gathers the rest of the family to support Avery when Mitch doesn’t show up, and Bernie and Bailey come up with a solution. The two girls confront Mitch at the cab company.

Wednesday, July 13

At the bar, Sam and Zack make out (Picture:BBC)

Ritchie warns Ben that things are awful and that he might be sent down at the police station. Kathy desperately tries to talk to Peter, but he won’t budge. Will the police trust Kathy when she delivers a statement to the police and tries to defend Ben?

Dana and Peter have a meeting to go through all that has happened.

Sam encourages Zack when she notices him feeling sorry for himself about Nancy. Later, they make out in the bar.

In an effort to make amends for Howie hurting his toe, Kim prepares a meal for him.


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