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EastEnders theory: Beloved family torn apart after business betrayal

Fans of EASTENDERS may be able to see a frail family split apart in forthcoming scenes as a fresh hypothesis considers the repercussions of one member’s unintentional treachery.

In EastEnders, Mitch Baker, portrayed by Roger Griffiths, might end up pushing his nephews Finlay Baker and Felix Baker, portrayed by Ashley Byam and Matthew Morrison, aside. After the passing of Avery Baker (Omar Lye-Fook), the worried uncle has been doing his best to help the brothers, but he risked abandoning Finlay because he thinks his nephew is taking on more than he can take.

The day of Avery’s burial arrives in the episodes airing the next week as the Baker/Taylor family assembles.

Although the day is undoubtedly traumatic for the family, the Baker brothers and uncle Mitch paid a moving homage to their father.

Later in the week, Finlay and Felix talk about their goals for their new lives in Walford and look into the future.

The brothers conclude that in order to truly claim the square as their own, they should open their own market stand.

When Finlay pitches Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) his concept for a food stand, she readily concurs.

The Baker/Taylor family is grieved when Avery’s urn is delivered in the meantime.

Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley), trying to lighten the mood, mentions Bernie Taylor’s (Clair Norris) upcoming birthday.

She covertly asks Felix and Finlay for assistance in organizing a celebration for her daughter.

Meanwhile, Honey breaks the bad news to Finlay that his idea for a food booth has been rejected by Mr. Lister (Nick Wilton).

Will the brothers’ plan to persuade Mr. Lister to change his views be successful?

Finlay might find that setting up a stall would provide him with the needed distraction while he deals with the death of his father.

Felix and Finlay’s stay in Walford has been marred by tragedy since they were there when Avery passed out.

The brothers and the Baker-Taylor family may be able to advance if they establish roots in Walford and engage in activities they enjoy.

While Mitch has struggled to discover the best approach to support the brothers, changing Mr. Lister’s mind could provide the perfect opportunity.

yzee.uk inquired about the ways Mitch may assist his nephews with Bianca Neumann, head of bereavement at national bereavement organisation Sue Ryder.

Activities frequently encourage people to open up, she said. Offer to join them in whatever pastime or activity they like, whether it’s running, DIY, walking, or watching sports.

People often talk more fluently when they are engaged in an activity, which may inspire them to open up while engaging in something they enjoy.

However, Mitch might think the boys are overworking themselves so soon after their father’s passing.

Could he consciously work to undermine Finlay’s chances of obtaining a food stall?

Be gentle to yourself,” Bianca emphasized as she gave Finlay and Felix sorrow advice.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be ‘OK. Like waves, emotions can wash over us and appear overwhelming as they come and go.

Give yourself permission to feel and experience your sorrow while keeping in mind that the waves will ultimately subside.

If Finlay and Felix learn that their uncle sabotaged their plans for a market booth on purpose, will they turn against him?

Despite having the greatest of intentions, Mitch’s actions may tear apart an already weak family.


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