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EastEnders theory: Couple torn apart as Jay Brown begins affair with Frankie Lewis

A solid connection between Jay Brown and Honey Mitchell, an Eastenders fan favourite, may be in jeopardy if he begins an affair with Frankie Lewis, according to a suggestion put up by Express.co.uk.

Since their romance began a few years ago, Jay (played by Jamie Borthwick) and Honey (Emma Barton) have been going strong. However, a night out without Honey can make Jay realise he has feelings for Frankie Lewis, which might lead to the EastEnders couple breaking up (Rose Ayling-Ellis). Could the two begin a covert relationship on the BBC soap opera?

According to verified EastEnders spoilers, Jay will receive a bag containing Ben Mitchell’s (Max Bowden) belongings from Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth).

She admits to her son inadvertently hitting her, which worries Jay.

Jay is invited to go to Peggy’s for a drink by Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold), who teases him about Honey taking care of him.

Honey might not want to join them, so he decides to accept.

Later, he is surprised to see that she is actually game, but she soon passes out on the couch, forcing Jay to go alone.

While Frankie and Lola continue to rile Jay up over Honey, Jay is enjoying his night out.

Jay is pretty inebriated when he arrives home late, and Honey is not impressed.

If the two get into a fight, Jay might storm out of the house.

Could he escape into Frankie’s arms? Although the two are already friends, their wild night out together may bring them even closer.

Maybe they started flirting throughout the night out, and after getting into a fight with Honey, a buzzed Jay proceeded to find Frankie.

Jay and Frankie recently grew closer after he assisted her with her photography project.

As Tom “Rocky” Cotton (Brian Conley) decided to fool the duo, things got awkward.

He tricked Jay into consenting by telling him that Frankie required a naked model for her project.

Frankie arrived at the parking lot to start taking shots, not expecting to see a nude Jay there.

“Are you frightened?” Jay responded, “No, why would I be nervous,” when she questioned him.

Frankie answered, “I don’t know. When they get their pictures shot in this way, some people are.

“Remember, this is about showing folks the true East End,” she continued.

Because you grew up nearby, that is why I asked you.

Jay started changing as she turned her back on him. She turned and was startled to see Jay half naked.

Why are you doing that? It was her. “What?” Jay retorted. You stated that you wished to view everything.

Your character, not your pecker, please! She commented.

Jay admitted, “I believed this was a naked photo session,” before revealing Rocky had told him otherwise.

Lola entered as Frankie started laughing, further humiliating Jay.

Jay pleaded helplessly, “It’s not what it seems to be. “I can elaborate.”

Jay hurried after Lola but tripped over as he tried to catch up with her.

Could they be tempted to go further now that they are having fun together?

Jay and Honey have been together for a while, but due to their significant age gaps, their neighbours frequently criticise their union.

They haven’t been on the same page lately, too.

Could Frankie, who shares more traits with him and is younger than Jay, sway Jay’s opinion?

They might spend the night together before beginning a relationship.

If so, Jay will inevitably end his friendship with Honey, who will undoubtedly learn the truth soon enough.


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