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EastEnders spoilers: Mitch discovers Avery’s shocking secret after he dies

In EastEnders, Avery Baker’s (Omar Lye-Fook, MBE) passing will be particularly hard for Mitch, his brother, and Felix and Finlay, his sons (Matthew Morrison and Ashley Byam).

However, while the family adjusts to the loss, they do not anticipate receiving another shock from their deceased relative.

Avery, who loves to drop a bombshell or two, passes away the same way he lived: with a secret that Mitch is quickly made aware of.

With Avery’s passing imminent, Mitch throws his sibling a special Caribbean-themed party in the laundromat with friends in attendance and Tara providing the entertainment.

Avery slips off into a peaceful death, and Mitch and Avery exchange some heartfelt words while those left behind mourn their loss.

They remind him that Finlay and Felix are family, so Mitch invites them to lunch at Walford East where they talk about some pricey funeral arrangements. Karen and Harvey (Lorraine Stanley and Ross Boatman) push him to assist Finlay and Felix.

Avery’s brief stay in Walford had a significant effect (Picture: BBC)

While Finlay and Felix discuss lavish funeral arrangements in The Vic, Mitch struggles with how to inform them about the letter he found from Avery. Mitch then discovers a startling discovery.

What has Avery left in his wake, Mitch and Karen tremble as they inform Felix and Finlay of what has happened?

Can Mitch support the boys as they struggle to process what they’ve learned?


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