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Coronation Street slapped with Ofcom complaints after intimate Paul Foreman scenes

As a result of some viewers’ displeasure with graphic scenes featuring Billy Mayhew and Paul Foreman, Coronation Street has faced criticism.

After receiving numerous Ofcom complaints, Coronation Street took a hit.

It follows after private scenes from the ITV soap opera featuring Paul Foreman (played by Peter Ash) and his recently married Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank).

Recently, the newlyweds have been going through a difficult period, particularly in regards to their sexual life.

As viewers have seen, Paul’s MND condition is worsening. He is now primarily wheelchair-bound, and Billy is experiencing erectile dysfunction.

They overcame their dry spell last week, when they were spotted semi-naked on the couch, even though their sexual life had appeared to be nonexistent for some time.

The aftermath, in which they laughed about their antics in bed, was shown, even though the private moment was not broadcast.

Billy never used his muscles, Paul joked, to which his husband shot back, “You weren’t saying that 10 minutes ago.”

Nevertheless, it appears that some fans weren’t fond of the sultry scenes because a lot of them complained to Ofcom.

On Wednesday, the television watchdog announced that it had received 52 complaints regarding the previous week’s episode.

Express.co.uk has gotten in touch with Ofcom to inquire about the complaints.

Many of the viewers quickly took to Twitter to voice their complaints after the episode aired.

“We do not need to hear about Paul and Billy’s sex life #Corrie,” tweeted @fansvfavourites.

“I really don’t want to hear about Paul and Billy’s sexual life, thank you,” @TheGrimesTwins3 continued. [sic] #Corrie

@DavidHe47935675 made the following comment: “Disgusting behavior, crying after sex!”

@StuartYoung001 tweeted: “The vicars’ best-ever sexual experience. I was in dire need of knowing that.

“That is a bit tmi [sic] sounds like a late-night Corrie episode,” commented @Studiowayne1978.


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