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EastEnders theory: Kat Slater calls off wedding after Freddie arrest

Kat Slater from EASTENDERS has faced more challenges than most when it comes to getting married. If Sharon Watts, their longtime rival for love, isn’t to blame, then Alfie Moon’s impending return is the next factor casting doubt on her and Phil Mitchell’s wedding ceremony. However, according to a theory put forth by yzee.uk, their big day may be ruined by the newcomer Freddie Slater.

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) and Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) would have prayed for a smooth first day of marriage. However, they must have known in their hearts that there would be plenty of drama, fitting for their time in Walford, given their lengthy residence in Albert Square.According to official EastEnders spoilers, Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) steals a car in an effort to assist them, but will this be the catalyst for the day’s events?

Spoilers for the BBC soap opera shed more light on what will transpire on Kat and Phil’s historic wedding day.

By neglecting to rent a wedding car, Rocky (Brian Conley) starts the drama, and the chaos follows.

He wisely enlists the aid of Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) and Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) to help him out of his jam.

To the annoyance of an onlooker Jean Slater, Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero) offers to fix the worse-for-wear vehicle they eventually find (Gillian Wright).

Billy Mitchell receives assistance from Freddie Slater, who also offers to get young Janet Mitchell a wedding hat.

He becomes more involved and, while Bobby is in the back, steals the wedding car.

After being left outraged by what his stepson did, Billy starts to worry about his whereabouts because he already has enough on his plate.

Billy is thankful for his distraction in the wedding car until Freddie returns from his trip bearing a hat for Janet.

But could Freddie’s unexpected trip jeopardize Kat and Phil’s wedding day?

According to a theory put forth by yzee.uk, his trip in the wedding car would not go as planned, and the police would question the young immigrant.

He must have been operating a vehicle without a valid license, or something even worse, for the police to have detained him at the wedding venue.

Will Kat become enraged at the sight of police cars on her special day and cancel the event since Phil is never far from the police?

The spoilers also show how Kat, in typical soap opera wedding day fashion, delays her entrance, leaving everyone at the church waiting for her.

Mo Slater (Laila Morse), who always has a way to make money, even accepts bets on whether or not the wedding will take place.

Is the delay the result of an incensed Kat spotting police cars and accusing them when they show up?

To ensure that Phil’s wedding is trouble-free, DCI Keeble (Alison Newman) has already made him an offer.

Her hatred for the Mitchell family was made abundantly clear in the much-praised flashback episode when it became clear that the family was responsible for her security guard father’s death during an armed robbery.

Billy Mitchell may need to first deal with legal issues involving his own immediate family before DCI Keeble can get him locked up for the crime.


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