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EastEnders theory: Kheerat Panesar heartbroken as Stacey Slater kisses Ravi

The romance between Stacey Slater and Ravi Gulati may present Kheerat Panesar with new drama this week on EASTENDERS.

The character of Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) is about to become embroiled in the Panesar family’s perpetually tense relationships. The following week, Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Deol) walks into Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) flirting with his girlfriend Stacey. He already has one eye on Ravi. According to an Express.co.uk theory, he might enter the room the following time to find them kissing.

The love triangle between Kheerat, Stacey, and Ravi on the BBC soap opera is about to explode, according to official EastEnders spoilers.

Kheerat is unimpressed by his brothers Vinny (Shiv Jolata) and Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha), who are handing out flyers to advertise the reopening of Walford East.

However, after Eve Unwin (Heather Pearce) notices something wrong with Suki, she persuades him to go.

Later, Eve overhears a dispute between Ravi and Suki and becomes adamant about finding out what caused it.

Kheerat refuses to attend the reopening despite Stacey and Eve’s persistent efforts.

Kheerat and Ranveer Gulati (Balvinder Sopal) are unable to attend, and Suki (Anil Goutam) is reluctant to explain this to the Square.

When her son Kheerat finally joins Vinny, Ash, and Stacey, she feels more at ease.

The owner of the restaurant becomes concerned when an old friend queries Kheerat about Ranveer’s whereabouts.

Ravi relieves any tension by changing the subject and confusing their old friend.

Stacey is accused of getting drunk, which causes tension between Kheerat and her during the launch.

Due to this, she meets Ravi in the kitchen and becomes friends with him before Kheerat ends any flirting.

According to an Express.co.uk theory, Stacey might mistake Kheerat’s growing suspicion of Ranveer’s murderer for paranoia and grow more attracted to Ravi as a result.

An affair between them would break Kheerat’s heart because the two grew close at the start of Walford East.

What if the businessman learned? What would he do?

A kiss with Stacey may be the tipping point in the weeks-long buildup of tension between Ravi and Kheerat.

An affair could result in tragic events because the family has a history of tragic deaths.

In upcoming episodes of Albert Square, Kheerat opens up to Suki at the conclusion of the launch night and questions Ranveer’s absence.

Suki naturally disagrees with the idea that Ranveer’s absence is unusual, as she has done the entire evening.

Could this be the moment when Suki’s life also implodes along with Kheerat’s?

Perhaps a broken-hearted Kheerat would prefer to send his mother to prison than Ravi because of the CCTV cover-up?


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