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EastEnders theory: Life-changing secret about Sam Mitchell unveiled in flashback episode

The Mitchells, the most notorious family on EASTENDERS, will be thoroughly examined in a flashback episode that airs the following week. Their past secrets will be revealed, and according to a theory put forth by yzee.uk, this may involve Sam, who may actually have a different father than Phil and Grant Mitchell.

Family has always been the Mitchells’ top priority, but Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf), who plays Sam, frequently discusses how she feels overlooked by her brothers. According to confirmed EastEnders spoilers, the special episode will feature Phil (Steve McFadden) thinking back on his past, where a secret that could change his life may be revealed.Could the investigation into the Mitchells’ past reveal that the mystery man is in fact Sam’s real dad, whom Phil knew all about, even though DCI Keeble (Alison Newman) is on his back forcing him to find out some information on a man who is obviously significant to Phil in some way?

According to BBC soap opera spoilers, Phil is absolutely floored when he learns who Keeble wants him to inform on.

At this point, the audience is taken back to 1979 to discover more about the family’s complicated history in the region.

It becomes clear very quickly that the Mitchells were severely impacted by the British economy at the time.
While managing a busy home and her marriage to Eric (George Russo), Peggy (Jaime Winstone) is kept on her toes.

Eric decides to take Phil and Grant on a “job” to give them some work experience after finding out that Phil (played in the flashback segment by Daniel Delaney) works at the garage, in spite of Peggy’s objections.

Who will win the competition for the title of man of the house between Eric and Phil?

Will the truth of DCI Keeble’s ongoing vendetta against the family finally come to light, and can Phil ever truly escape the past?

The episode might make it clear that Peggy once had a relationship and that Eric isn’t Sam’s biological father.

In 1979, perhaps after noticing the rift between his parents and doing some investigation, Phil learned the truth.

With Peggy disapproving and Eric leading his sons astray, their marriage might have been further in disarray.

Without anyone to turn to, Peggy might have found solace in an old secret lover.

After a confrontation with Erik, Phil might return home to find the unidentified man leaving.

When Peggy is confronted, she might acknowledge that the man is Sam’s biological father.

Sam would have been a very young boy in the 1970s episode.

Peggy may have warned her son and pleaded with him not to speak to anyone.

However, Phil, a Mitchell, might have kept an eye on the man in order to find out what he was doing after nearly tearing his family apart.

Sam’s real father might be the man Keeble has asked Phil to research.

But what might her grudge be? The man might also be Keeble’s father, making Sam and Keeble half-siblings.

He might have been involved in the same criminal milieu as Eric, and Keeble’s decision to join the police force may have been influenced by seeing her father live this lifestyle.

She probably grew distant from him and hasn’t been able to get back in touch with him since.

But unlike the Mitchells, perhaps her dad’s extramarital relationship with Peggy split her family apart, and she has never forgave Peggy.

With her dad moving in the same circles as Eric in the 1970s, she would also be fully aware of their activities at the time.

Due to the family’s financial struggles, Eric might have been involved in a number of crimes in the neighborhood to support his family.

Phil continued the legacy and continues to engage in a variety of shady behavior.

Could this be the reason behind Keeble’s obsession with Phil and his family?

She may have always wanted to put as many Mitchell criminals in jail as she could in order to break the cycle of crime they commit in Walford.

Will Phil be able to keep the secret he has kept for years when his past starts to haunt him?

Sam might finally discover the reason why she has never felt like “a true Mitchell” if her real father meets Phil in person.

What might occur between the siblings if Sam, and perhaps Grant as well, finds out who Sam’s real father is?


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