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EastEnders theory: Phil escapes Keeble on wedding day in double exit twist?

Soon, the eagerly anticipated EASTENDERS wedding between Phil Mitchell and Kat Slater will air, and something will undoubtedly go wrong. According to an Express.co.uk theory, a double exit may be in the works as Sharon Watts, Phil’s ex-girlfriend, tries to assist him.

The engagement of Phil and Kat earlier this year surprised many EastEnders viewers. The wedding day will undoubtedly present some challenges because, as seen in the pictures, Alfie Moon, played by Shane Richie, who was Kat’s ex-boyfriend, will show up unannounced. Alfie is the least of Phil’s concerns, though, as DCI Keeble (Alison Newman) is still actively attempting to interfere with him. The two might reflect on their recent secret kiss after calling Sharon for assistance. Could they rekindle their romance and escape Keeble together?

Years of animosity between DCI Keeble and the Mitchell family will be discussed in Phil’s upcoming flashback episode.

Keeble has been following Phil’s every move ever since he consented to work as an informant for the police.

She has been increasing the pressure on him to provide information to the police because he has consistently refused to do so.

She recently warned him that if he breaks the terms of the deal he made when he was released, she may send him back to prison for life.
She appears on Phil’s big day, showing that she seems determined to keep up the pressure.

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However, she becomes perplexed about her feelings for Phil during the date.

It’s possible that Phil will call Sharon for assistance with Keeble if he runs out of options.

Alfie will show up, and judging by the images, they’ll spend some time catching up.

If Phil notices Alfie and Kat looking closely while they converse, he might come up with the incorrect plan while trying to come up with one.

Because of their complicated past, he might assume Kat and Alfie have decided to reconcile or that they might begin an illicit relationship behind his back.

Phil might decide that leaving the country is his only choice because he is unsure of what to do about the Keeble situation.

He might beg Sharon not to tell anyone as he begs her to divert Keeble so he can pull a runner.

Sharon, who is already undecided about attending the wedding to declare her love for Phil, will likely be devastated to learn of his scheme.

She might show up and speak with him in an effort to persuade him not to go.

The topic of their recent kiss after Phil showed up in Walford when Sharon thought he had been killed in prison may finally come up as the two engage in a meaningful conversation.

If the two talk about their past interactions, they might discover that there is still a spark.

Phil might suggest to Sharon that she follow him when he leaves because he thinks Kat is better off with Alfie.

She might concur after realizing she is still in love with Phil, but Keeble will undoubtedly have Phil’s back.

Maybe Sharon will think of a way to make sure Keeble misses Phil as he flees the wedding venue.

He might plan his escape from Walford while packing his and Sharon’s belongings.

The situation would become more challenging if Sharon had to bring her son, Albie, along.

But given the recent revelations, Sharon and Phil might come to the conclusion that it’s the only way Phil can avoid getting locked up once more.

It might be Sharon’s responsibility to let Kat know that Phil is leaving, which will add to the chaos.

But after the shock wears off, will Sharon and Phil actually leave Walford together?

If so, will they be able to escape before Keeble discovers them?


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