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EastEnders Tina star Luisa Bradshaw-White reveals real reason why she quit BBC soap

The former host of the BBC soap opera EastEnders Louisa Bradshaw-White has opened a dance studio in Hertfordshire and throws “sober raves,” but she has been pretty mum about her reasons for leaving the show up until now.

Luisa Bradshaw-White, a former EastEnders actor, has disclosed why she quit the BBC drama.

The actress spent almost a decade portraying Tina Carter in Albert Square before the serial killer Gray Atkins killed her character by strangling her just as she learned the truth about his prior atrocities in a Christmas storyline in 2020.

The 47-year-old has since opened a dance studio in Hertfordshire where she also throws “sober raves,” but up until this point, she has been rather mum about her reasons for leaving the soap opera.

The actress shared a detailed explanation of her decision to leave Walford’s chaotic streets in favour of a more peaceful life on Instagram.

She stated to her acolytes: “I’ve been speaking with the same people incessantly recently.

“people who have to abruptly live their lives. People who have now realised they have been acting blindly for a variety of reasons have been working their asses off for what?

“lacking a genuine love or passion for life. Some people work jobs they don’t truly like.

“Some people no longer truly know who they are because they have devoted everything to their children. not pursuing their own interests in life. and must act immediately!” This is the reason I switched careers!

As she continued to share her encouraging message, Luisa wrote: “Living your life for yourself is not being selfish.

“GET OUT if something isn’t working! Time has come. Life is now. There isn’t much time left to waste on things that don’t benefit us. whatever dream you may have.

“Your dreams, no matter how big or tiny, are crucial. recognising your sense of purpose and allowing yourself to dream.”

She concluded by making a motivating appeal to anyone who wanted to make that change.

Luisa continued: “I’m barefoot in a field, the sun is shining on me, and I’m at ease while I write this.

“I once had a dream about doing this. to leave the treadmill and lead a more straightforward life. Dream whatever you want. They are all there is.”


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