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EastEnders wedding episodes confirmed for Kat and Phil amid huge gesture

Following his return to Walford in EastEnders, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) has found everything to be a little puzzling.

In addition to being an informant for DI Keeble, Phil has experienced a major shock from Sharon (Letitia Dean).

Sharon admitted she is still in love with Phil before Phil faked his death. She was afraid he would be murdered in prison, therefore now was unquestionably the ideal time to be open about her feelings.

Phil and Kat’s (Jessie Wallace) romance appeared to be over as they settled back into life in Albert Square.

He made the decision to go to Sharon’s so that they could discuss their love for one another.

He suggested to Sharon that perhaps everything had been a mistake all along. “Right off the bat. Perhaps we ought to have remained together forever.

Sharon fought to conceal her happiness, but she and Phil soon shared an intense kiss. However, their reunion was brief as Phil noticed Sharon’s phone and saw that Grant (Ross Kemp) was phoning her.

He wanted an explanation, so Sharon gave him one, stating that Grant had been informed of his “death” the previous week. Phil rushed out, feeling betrayed, and went straight to No. 31, where he confessed his affections for Kat and begged for another opportunity.

Following Kat’s decision to get back together with Phil, as these fresh photos demonstrate, the two are now focused on getting married.

When Phil shows Kat that he is committed to getting married, Kat is overjoyed.

They decide on a date, and Phil surprises Kat with a unique engagement ring on top of everything else.

Will their joy endure?


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