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Emmerdale: Danny Miller return teased in explosive first look

Aaron will be reprised by the actor in time for the 50th anniversary.

The explosive first look at Danny Miller’s comeback as Aaron Dingle has been released by Emmerdale.

Ahead of the birth of his son Albert, the actor left the soap opera last year to participate in I’m A Celebrity.

Less than a year later, he is making an explosive comeback.

The dramatic moment he first appears on screen was also revealed by the soap opera.

Danny Miller’s return to Emmerdale is hinted at.

As Terry is trying to get away from Aaron’s attack on Liv, Aaron asks, “Who the hell are you?” as he runs into Terry.

Aaron, however, turns around and gives Terry a murderous glare as he enters the cottage and discovers Liv unconscious on the floor.

When Harriet enters, she is forced to arrest the man.

Aaron, will you kill Terry?

The fact that Aaron will brutally beat Terry for what he did is already known.

He will be detained after that and be separated from his sister.

“He walks in, sees a stranger in his house. He could be anyone, but given the state of the panic, Aaron just deals with it by punching as usual,” Danny Miller said of Aaron’s return to Emmerdale.

“Harriet enters just then, leaving her with no other option but to take him into custody. He really doesn’t have much of a choice; it’s just bad timing.

“Well, she works for the police. She entered to detain Terry, but she ends up detaining them both.

‘Instantly interested’ in brief return

Recently, actor Danny spoke candidly about a potential full-time comeback.

He told Entertainment Daily and other press that the job would only last for six and a half weeks.

“I never thought I’d return for a lengthy period of time so soon after I’m A Celebrity, so when they called and asked if I’d like to be a part of the 50th, I was immediately interested.

I consider Emmerdale to be very important to me, so being asked to return and wish someone a happy birthday was an honor.

But as for a full-time return, Danny says not just now.

“It was just nice to be back for a little while and see everyone,” he continued.

It’s like attending a party every day and catching up with cast and crew members from all over.

It’s just not the right time right now because I have a few things going on at the end of the year, like a pantomime and other things, and I also have a job for the following year.

But unlike some actors, I don’t say, “That’s it now, I’ve shelved it.

As I previously stated, it plays a significant role in my life and always will.

There is never a chance that I will declare that I will never return.

Do you want Danny to come back full-time?

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