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Emmerdale exit as Liv Flaherty to be ‘killed off’ during dramatic 50th anniversary scenes

Isobel Steele, a star of Emmerdale and Liv Flaherty in the ITV soap opera, has left the role after six years because she wants to focus more on her music career.

After six years as a member of the Flaherty family, Isobel Steele, an actress from Emmerdale, has decided to end her run as Liv Flaherty. Dramatic scenes that will air in the coming weeks will celebrate the soap opera’s 50th anniversary this month. Isobel has had some challenging storylines during her time on the show, including those involving her character’s battle with alcoholism; however, Isobel is now planning to concentrate on her music career.

Isobel won Best Young Actor at the 2018 British Soap Awards for her portrayal of an alcoholic during her time on the show.

She is reportedly about to step away from the Dales, though, in order to try “new things” and devote more of her time to music.

Isobel had to make a big decision, but the source told The Sun that she was willing to try new things.

She believes she has accomplished everything she can at Emmerdale and is eager to concentrate on and succeed in her music career.

Isobel’s departure will not differ from the way the bosses have thrown everything they have at the 50th anniversary month.

“As it all unfolds and Liv is eliminated, viewers will be on the edge of their seats. Fans will remember this death for a very long time because it is such a heartbreaker.

Sandra Flaherty, played by Joanne Mitchell, made a series of threats to Liv recently as she tried to con her out of all of her money.

It appeared as though Liv had finally gotten rid of Sandra last week when she realized that she was trying to defraud her of the money in her savings account.

Liv revealed on Thursday’s episode that she was on Sandra after she pretended to be convinced by her mother’s cruel plan.

Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) and Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) believed Sandra was attempting to steal the entire sum of money left to Liv by her father Gordon Livesy (Gary Mavers) after his death in prison.

Liv seemed to be on her mother’s side, but it was later discovered that she had conned her into disclosing her scheme.

Sandra fell for the trick, telling Liv that drinking more would help her feel better about the drama that had taken place.

Sandra tried to open her daughter’s savings account as Liv arrived home “drunk” and “fell asleep” on the couch but was shocked when she saw there was no money in there.

Before calling the police, Liv “woke up” and admitted she was lying about everything and had caught her in the act.

She was eventually granted bail, but she couldn’t help returning to the village to try to trick Liv once more.

Sandra crawled back to Terry, refusing to believe the lies, and told him Liv no longer trusted her and their plan had been made public.

Since then, fans have been frightened that Terry will murder Liv in a sick twist of retaliation. One fan, Cherry Jackson, tweeted: “I guess Liv will be murdered now, so Scamdra can say “I told you so.”

@ClaireLowes left a message: “Liv has certainly endured more than enough this year, don’t you think?

Alcohol poisoning, being falsely accused of murder and put in jail, being abandoned by her own brother, having her mother completely con her, and more unfortunate events are yet to come. Poor thing just can’t seem to get a break.”

Terry is a very bad man, so Liv needs to be careful, Ryan Glendenning continued. (sic)

This week, Danny Miller will also make a comeback as Liv’s half-brother Aaron Dingle in an effort to reconcile with Liv and say goodbye to their ailing grandmother Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter). But will it be too late?


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