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Emmerdale fans baffled as credits roll in the middle of triple bill

On Thursday, September 15, ITV broadcast three episodes of Emmerdale due to changes in programming caused by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

The storylines in the aforementioned episodes were diverse, with Kim (Claire King) making a significant discovery serving as one of the main points of emphasis.

Kim finally discovered that her son Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) was still alive and well and had been abusing her daughter Millie and her grandmother for the previous few months.

The plot developed over the course of three episodes, but some viewers were perplexed when, despite there still being an hour of programming to go, the credits started to roll at the end of episode one.

What purpose does a closing sequence serve when we have an additional 1.5 hours of the same program, a Twitter user questioned.

Another person asked, “Why don’t they show the episodes as one 90-minute episode instead of breaking them up?”

Emmerdale and Coronation Street have been taken off the air and rescheduled numerous times as a result of ITV’s ongoing coverage of the Queen’s death.

Some viewers thought that three episodes at once was excessive, while others loved the extra drama on a Thursday night.

We’ve only finished the first episode, right? two more to go? This is dragging, one Twitter user wrote, and another suggested spreading out @emmerdale over the weekend. whole primetime filled with soaps tonight too much!!!’.

It will please fans of back-to-back episodes to know that ITV will air another hour of Emmerdale tonight at 8 o’clock.


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