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Soap spoilers: Coronation Street rooftop death, EastEnders sex shock,Emmerdale kiss

Next week will be filled with drama as there will be significant departures and returns.

In Coronation Street, Kelly Neelan’s departure is initiated, but not before the truth regarding the passing of her father Rick is revealed, prompting her to take shocking action against Gary Windass.

In a fierce rooftop brawl, shots are fired, but who is killed? Time will bring everything to light.

The mother of all bombshells is dropped on EastEnders, however, as Janine Butcher is expecting Mick Carter’s child!

Will Linda react well to the news?

Victor Brothers makes a shock appearance in Hollyoaks, terrifying Sid Sumner once more by holding him hostage and ordering him to resume drug dealing like before.

Last but not least, Liam Cavanagh is seen in Emmerdale seeking comfort from his former flame Bernice Blackstock.

You’re in the right place for all of this and more!

Coronation Street

  1. When Kelly is called to the police station to identify her kidnapper, she acts as though she doesn’t recognize Kieron when he is presented to her. But after that, she comes up to Kieron and offers him £10,000 to murder Gary!
  2. Kelly and Aadi have their wedding, and Gary speaks movingly about how much he and Maria have cherished having Kelly in their lives. However, Kelly informs him that she is certain he killed her father before leaving. When Gary chases her, Kieron knocks him out and throws him into a van. Gary is led to the spot where he killed Rick by Kieron and his sidekick, who then order him to dig his own grave while brandishing a gun.
  1. Gary then informs Aadi that Kelly is seriously endangered. Meanwhile, Kelly is led by Kieron onto the roof of a defunct mill, where he reveals his plans to kill her and accuse her of killing Gary. Kelly is discovered on the roof by Gary and Aadi, and the former instructs Kieron to murder him. Who is hit when a shot is fired?
  2. The Platts are preparing to leave while Leo conducts a thorough survey because David believes the sinkhole is about to reopen. Leo notices Stephen’s discomfort when Audrey suggests they all stay with her. Leo tells Jenny that he finds Stephen to be rather peculiar, as if he were concealing something.
  1. David questions Stephen about why the valuer showed up at Audrey’s house and why he spent the night in his car. Stephen’s heart breaks to see Gabrielle at the door when they are interrupted mid-row by a knock. Will she come clean?
  2. In an effort to make some extra money, Bernie convinces Nina to help her clean the apartment thoroughly in time for Roy’s birthday. Bernie suggests they give the box of used clothing they found to a charity. Nina, however, misses Hayley’s red anorak in the box.
  3. When Evelyn presents Roy with a model train for his birthday, Roy recognises it as his own. Realising that the train must have come from the same charity shop where Hayley’s anorak is residing, Evelyn orders Roy to fire up the Woody.


  1. Janine plans a day trip as a surprise for Mick, but it falls on the day of Linda’s meeting with her brief. Janine suggests Mick go support Linda because she knows she will gain from Linda’s success in court, but Linda’s hopes are dashed.
  2. Because Janine faints, she believes she and Scarlett share the same illness. But the doctor lets slip that she’s expecting! When Linda learns how much Mick spent on her new attorney, she confides in Sharon about her feelings for Mick. She then gets ready to declare her love for Mick, but will she be able to do so?
  1. When Ash confronts Dotty about what she did to Vinny, things get heated. Rocky and Vinny break up the fight, but an enraged Vinny loses his cool and shocks Rocky by revealing that he is Dotty’s real father!
  2. Frankie informs Shirley that she has been invited to move to Scotland with the family of the girl she is tutoring at school.
  3. Kheerat disapproves of Vinny and Ash’s distribution of flyers for the reopening of Walford East. Eve urges Kheerat to go to the opening because she suspects something is wrong with Suki. Later, Eve overhears the resolution of a dispute between Ravi and Suki and urges Suki to explain the situation to her.
  1. As Amy strolls through the market, Denzel notices Tommy and Nugget making fun of her. He tells Nugget to stop, but he is ignored.
  2. Harvey only invites Jean out for a drink as friends.


  1. Leyla confides in Priya that she is worried about her marriage. As Liam leans in for a kiss with Bernice, he vents to her and old emotions resurface. He refuses to tell Leyla despite Bernice’s urging him to. Bernice, on the other hand, assumes Leyla is aware of it and unintentionally steps on it, spilling the beans. What will Leyla do?
  2. After learning that Dan made Noah break up with her, Amelia is furious and decides to move out. The couple shares their first kiss as Noah assures Amelia that he will support her no matter what. Dan, on the other hand, is offended by their outward display of affection and lashes out, but quickly realizes that he has alienated his daughter.
  3. Dan is perplexed when Harriet suddenly flirts with him, and he surmises that perhaps she is sensing the spark after all. He is soon kissed by Harriet, who is unimpressed. Dan is shocked, though, when Harriet agrees to a relationship with him after speaking with Faith!
  1. Faith and Pollard have a drunken afternoon and drive a stolen golf cart back into the village. Faith is having the time of her life and is grateful to be spending as much time as she can with Pollard.
  2. Chas is remorseful, but what did she do?
  3. Dawn is worried, but why?


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