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Coronation Street’s Courtney Vance star admits feeling ‘so bad’ filming ‘revenge’ scenes

Exclusive: When Courtney Vance of Coronation Street first started an affair, she had a well-defined strategy to exact revenge on her unfaithful husband.
Star of Coronation Street Stephanie Davis disclosed that she experienced discomfort while filming specific scenes with co-star Adam Hussain.

The ITV soap opera’s new husband and wife team, Courtney and Darren Vance (played by Ryan Early), were warmly welcomed by viewers earlier this year.
Courtney, on the other hand, quickly developed feelings for Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain), and the two became involved in a covert relationship.

They moved into their own apartment after deciding to give their relationship a try after being exposed.

However, it was evident that she was finding it difficult to adjust to life without Darren after leading a more opulent lifestyle.

Aadi was devastated when Courtney decided to try her marriage again in a recent scene because it was all too much for her.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk and other media outlets, the actress was questioned about her desire to end her relationship with Darren in the early stages of her romance with Aadi.

She revealed, referring to moments in the Bistro where her spouse witnessed them in public for the first time since the affair was made public: “I was telling Adam, ‘I feel really bad for you!'”

“God will stop at nothing to help Courtney because he helped Aadi as the character. The sky is purple if she claims it to be so.

“Every time, he gives in to her with a small excuse, and she intentionally turns it up because she knows Darren is there.”

The soap star acknowledged that Courtney had true feelings for Aadi, but she also acknowledged that her behavior with him is very toxic because of how she has previously been treated.

“She does genuinely care about him,” Stephanie went on, “but as it’s been said, Darren has cheated on her in the past. Part of Courtney’s reaction to that was, ‘I’m going to treat you how you’ve treated me, let’s see how you like it.'”

She’s hoping to elicit that response from him. I was like, “Oh no,” as we were filming those scenes because I couldn’t look at Adam Hussain’s little face.

“I felt so horrible for him; she is acting out of pure reaction, but he is just so beautiful.”

Even though viewers have embraced the newest cast member, it appears that Courtney’s time on the cobbles is drawing to an end.
“Obviously, she’d hoped that maneater Courtney could stick around for a good few years, but bosses feel like the story arc is complete,” a TV insider told The Sun.

“But since she’s not going to die, there’s no reason Courtney can’t come back at some point, and Steph can still come back.”


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