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Emmerdale spoilers: Baby Eve set to expose Chas and Al’s affair?

We all want to see the relationship between Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) and Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) in Emmerdale come to an end.

Since Paddy (Dominic Brunt) chose to seek solace in Kerry’s (Laura Norton) partner rather than her own husband as she tried to cope with her mother Faith’s (Sally Dexter) terminal cancer diagnosis, Chas has been betraying Paddy in the village for months.

In a recent episode, Chas decided against Paddy, who had also reserved time away for a conference he needed to attend, to spend time with Al in a cottage in the countryside.

Some Emmerdale viewers are wondering if Chas’s daughter with Paddy, Eve, who she brought along, may be the reason why the affair was revealed.

‘Shame baby Eve can’t talk…’, one fan pondered.

I actually hope Eve grasses Chas up, another fan wrote.

Chas reiterated her pretext to her daughter in the café, reinforcing that they had a fun night out just the two of them, adding to the speculation.

Is Chas genuinely attempting to persuade Eve to support her in her lie? Seriously? As a response to the incident, a Twitter user wrote, “Lie to Daddy for me.”

Although many Emmerdale viewers are eagerly anticipating the affair’s revelation, showrunner Kate Brooks previously told us that the dramatic fallout from such a storyline is the ultimate soap opera reward.

“Affair storylines are naturally suited for soap operas because they offer danger, passion, excitement, and broken hearts,” says one soap writer.

Given their history and the fact that Al was adamantly opposed to the Dingles, it just felt right to cast Chas and Al as the central characters in the upcoming major affair storyline.


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