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Emmerdale’s Mackenzie Boyd hits rock bottom as Chloe Harris seeks ultimate revenge

For the past year, Mackenzie Boyd from Emmerdale has been involved in a romantic triangle involving Charity Dingle and Chloe Harris on the ITV soap opera.

In upcoming scenes on Emmerdale, Lawrence Robb’s character Mackenzie Boyd is about to reach her lowest point when Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) chooses to leave the village with their son Reuben.

When Chloe found out that Mack intended to resume his relationship with his ex-wife Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) on the ITV soap opera, she was taken aback.

He finds out with horror in later scenes that Chloe has run off with their baby son.

He looks everywhere for Chloe and Reuben, but he is worried sick because he is not finding them.

He hits his lowest point after spending yet another night looking for answers when he gets home.

Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson), Chloe’s sister, worries that she won’t hear from her sister ever again.

In a desperate attempt to find out where Chloe and the baby are, a desperate Mack approaches Amy and Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) once more.

It shocks them both to see Mack so downcast and emotional about the whole thing.

Charity, meanwhile, is confident that Mack and his cherished son will soon be reunited.

She cautions Mack that their goals are similar and advises him to try to win Amy over so that she will assist him.

Is Amy as blind as Mack, or does she know where Chloe and the baby are?

Since Mack is obviously upset, maybe Amy will choose to assist in getting him back with Reuben.

Will he and Charity’s relationship fall apart again if he never finds Rueben and Chloe? They previously split up over the baby.

In scenes that have not yet aired, he may have to decide between his son and his lover Charity, but which is more important to him?

Ever since Mack chose to save Charity during Super Soap Week after they were involved in a terrifying cliff-top car crash, Chloe has seemed determined to exact revenge on him.


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