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Emmerdale spoilers: Violent twist as Jamie tries to kill Andrea’s mum Hazel

In upcoming Emmerdale episodes, Kim Tate (Claire King) receives the shock of her life when it is finally established that her son Jamie is still alive after all—and that he is accountable for a violent crime.

Kim is looking forward to spending time with her granddaughter Millie (Willow Bell), who typically resides with her grandmother Hazel (Kate Anthony). Kim is shocked to learn that Hazel has been in an accident and is in the hospital when Hazel and Millie fail to show up at the scheduled time.

She rushes to the hospital, more interested in seeing Millie than she is in Hazel, and Hazel informs her that her injuries weren’t accidental. Jamie pushed her down the stairs.

Kim is curious about everything. Kim assumed Jamie wasn’t alive after Will (Dean Andrews) recently tried to get DNA evidence that she was still alive, but the results were negative. She was unaware that Jamie had bribed the investigator Will had hired to do this investigation.

When Hazel reveals to Kim that she has been cohabitating with Jamie for some time, a grim-faced Kim immediately calls the police and reports her son for attempted murder.

Later, when the police provide conclusive evidence that Jamie is still alive, Kim is overcome with a wave of emotions as she tries to process the information. She then destroys the living room’s contents with all of her rage and grief.

Will Home Farm – and Kim – ever recover?


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