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Emmerdale spoilers: Kim Tate furious as she learns Harriet’s still in love with Will

Just before their wedding, Kim Tate will finally learn that Harriet Finch loves her future husband, which will be exciting for Emmerdale viewers.

The past few weeks have seen viewers witness Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow-Blyton) attempt to sabotage Will Taylor and Kim Tate’s wedding by driving a wedge between them. She confessed that she still had feelings for him, and she was overjoyed when he said the same thing to her at his stag party while intoxicated. Despite his regret, Harriet isn’t persuaded, and his future wife is about to find out the truth.

After trying to warn Will that if the wedding with Kim went ahead, he might lose his daughter permanently, Harriet’s previously suppressed feelings for her ex-husband started to surface last month.

Following the expulsion of Dawn, Harriet’s future stepdaughter, by Will’s fiancĂ©e, she saw an opportunity to sow a seed of doubt in Will’s mind.

Soon after viewers witnessed Harriet attempt to move on by beginning to date Dan Spencer, Kim became enraged and demanded that Harriet stop interfering (Liam Fox).

Although she admits to her friend Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) that she is still in love with Will after all this time when she observes his response when he finds out about her new relationship.

Harriet’s feelings for Will quickly intensify after he confesses to loving her while on his stag do, despite Wendy’s best efforts to encourage her to keep the relationship going.

Although he realizes his error the following morning, he has no plans to call off his wedding to Kim.

Harriet is convinced he didn’t mean any of it, despite his efforts to convince her otherwise. He quickly scurries away from her, which she interprets as a sign that he really wants her.

Harriet decides not to attend the wedding even though it is still scheduled to take place, which causes Will to act oddly. Kim notices this as well.

Later, after feeling that something wasn’t quite right, Kim visits the scrapyard in search of Will to confront him about his strange behavior.

She sees her future husband there with Harriet and decides to listen in on their passionate exchange.

Harriet makes one more attempt to convince Will to reconsider the wedding and give them a try while she and Will are unaware that Kim is secretly listening.

According to a theory put forth by yzee.uk, after learning of the attempt to kidnap her fiance, Kim is furious and admits that she was present the entire time.

As Harriet insists she is the one he wants over Kim, Will is compelled to explain what took place the night of his stag party.

As Will is compelled to choose the woman he wants to be with on the eve of his wedding, Kim may lose control of her temper and assault Harriet.

Is Kim destined for heartbreak as her fiancĂ© decides to leave with his ex in order to try them again? Or will Harriet’s love abandon her once more?

Actress Katherine Dow Blyton hinted at the outcome of the love triangle, telling Digital Spy that the complex relationship might cause chaos.

She remarked: “She’s becoming a little bit more enmeshed in Will’s life than she ought to be. That affects his impending nuptials,”

There, I’m really experimenting with fire. But since this is her last chance, she must express her feelings before he walks down the aisle.

There will be more fireworks even though Harriet isn’t Kim Tate because both of them are independent, feisty women. They’ll experience their moments.


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