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Home and Away viewers slam the show’s writers for popular characters Eden and Cash’s storyline that ‘makes no sense’ – after he was impaled on a fence pole and suffers amnesia

Viewers of Home and Away have criticised the show’s creators because a new plot involving the characters Eden and Cash “makes no sense.”

The adored Australian soap opera has returned to television with a new season and a very dramatic storyline that saw four major characters suffer serious injuries in a terrible car accident.

Following the catastrophic crash, Justin Morgan (James Stewart), Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou), Felicity Newman (Jacqui Purvis), and Eden Fowler (Stephanie Panozzo) all ended up in hospitals.

Eden is still suffering from being impaled by a fence post, and the most recent episode is focused on her and her memory loss. Leah, however, has fully healed from the injury.

She expressed her sentiments to musician Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) prior to the accident, but they were not returned.

Now that he’s ready, Eden, who is reportedly experiencing amnesia due to the collision, shows signs of concern when she sees a flashback of their kiss.

Fans have argued that this plot “makes no sense” because she seems to recall everything else but has forgotten all of her memories with Cash (apart from the kiss).

One viewer bemoaned the stupidity of the Eden and Cash narrative in a fan community.

It’s really pitiful why she is outraged over the fact that she remembers kissing him.

“Make me recall, or let’s create new memories,” I would say if it were me. I wouldn’t go into such a frenzy over remembering private events.

Why can she remember everything else but not that, a different supporter questioned.

Several viewers responded in agreement to this message by saying, “Agreed. I told my hubby the exact same thing. Not to mention the fact that she recalls everything but him. Has no logic.

Another fan wrote: “I am 78 & have even heard of someone with amnesia, but this is not the first time have used it.” Others complained that the “amnesia” phrase in Home and Away is getting boring.

It’s becoming a little monotonous,

Also, some viewers brought up how drastically different the recovery rates of the crash victims were.

One fan remarked, “If this were real life, there is no way Leah would have survived that collision so quickly.”

Leah, the person who was hurt the most, is away on vacation, and Remi keeps harping on about his hand, which is equally dumb.


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