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Emmerdale star Bradley Johnson teases outcome of Vinny and Liv storyline

“There’s always something that comes between them.”

Bradley Johnson, who portrays Vinny Dingle on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, has hinted at the conclusion of Vinny and Liv’s storyline.

Sandra, Liv’s mother, is currently attempting to steal her daughter’s life savings. However, she is doing so in a rather complex way by attempting to end Liv and Vinny’s marriage and giving the appearance that Vinny has feelings for Gabby.

Sandra’s plan starts to come together in scenes that will air the following week when she persuades Gabby to ask Vinny about his marriage and focuses on Liv’s drinking issues by substituting a drink with alcohol for one that is non-alcoholic.

Johnson opened up about the plot and how Vinny feels when he learns that Liv has inadvertently ingested some alcohol, saying: “He is aware of her experiences thanks to Liv’s alcoholism journey. I believe it terrifies him.

“He panics because he has been in a situation where Liv has gone out, gotten herself drunk, and been in a bad mood before. What scares me most is the uncertainty of not knowing how he will rescue her if she returns to that troubled place.”

The actor went on to say that Vinny has “a massive trust issue,” so when Liv doesn’t initially tell him about what happened, it “worries him.”

“Additionally, she does not claim to have ingested the alcohol compared to spitting it out. That is what worries Vinny.

Johnson continued, “Even though I’d love Liv and Vinny to live a happily-ever-after, there’s always something that comes between them. I’m not sure if Vinny and Liv will be able to survive Sandra’s deceit and save their marriage.

The plots and scripts have been excellent. The addition of Jo [Mitchell, who plays Sandra] has given that household a genuine dynamic. I’d like to believe that Liv and Vinny are resilient. For them, Sandra is making this very challenging. They remain resilient and committed to one another, so hopefully there is hope for those two.


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