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Emmerdale’s Bernice Blackstock for love triangle as fans ‘work out’ Mackenzie’s fling

Bernice Blackstock, a resident of the village of EMMERDALE, has never had much luck with men because she always seems to choose them. However, if it turns out that the soap icon was Mackenzie Boyd’s secret love interest, could she find herself in hot water?

Especially since they lost their child, Lawrence Robb’s character Mackenzie and Emma Atkins’ character Charity Dingle have been having a difficult time lately. Viewers of ITV have seen the pub owner push her lover away, and in scenes that aired last week, things reached a breaking point when Mack had an affair.

Since the dramatic events took place, fans have developed their own hypotheses regarding who the mystery person was.

Since Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) was the last person to see Mack before he left and cheated on Charity, her name has been brought up in the discussion.

Considering that Mack didn’t specify the pronouns with which he slept, some people seem to believe that Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) was the enigma person.

Additionally, it is known that Aaron will make a comeback for the soap opera’s 50th anniversary; thus, the dramatic return of the Dingle might occur in this context.

Bernice, however, is a different name that has reportedly spent the night with Mack (Samantha Giles).

The redhead appears to be the mystery woman Mack is dating, according to fans who shared their theories on social media.

We are attempting to determine whether Bernice or Chloe had slept with Mack, Ashley Grace wrote.

“Bernice on heat again — hold on, do we have a new contender for the mystery woman?” asked Doreen Morfitt.

“Mack in bed with….Bernice?” a user @teamnatalierobb wrote.

“Do not assume that was a “random” act because they would have revealed their face.

Bernice, Chloe, or Zack are my picks “user @spartacus2906 made a forecast.

Who was foolish enough to fall for Mack’s charms? Bernice, according to Pam. (sic)

In upcoming scenes, Bernice might find herself in a love triangle after making plans to meet the recently single Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel).

After admitting they are lonely, the two become attracted to one another.

Bernice and Rishi agree to go out to lunch together, but Rishi decides not to show up, which upsets Bernice.

Rishi worries that Bernice is too intense for him, and when she learns this, she is ashamed.

Bernice confronts Rishi the following day about leaving her at lunch, but how will he respond?

Will Bernice be successful in getting him to agree to a date?

If Bernice did have a sexual encounter with Mack, things might get out of hand if the villagers start dating.

Mack claimed that the enigmatical person wouldn’t speak, but Bernice has a history of spilling information.

Additionally, Bernice might be dealing with a love triangle if she ends up telling someone.


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