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Devastating outcome, banned romance and secret plans: 8 huge Home & Away spoilers

Tane (Ethan Browne), who enters the scene while wearing a wire, assists in taking down the bikies in this week’s episode of Home and Away.

But when shots are fired, one person dies, and another is taken to the hospital in critical condition, the operation is a complete failure.

In another scene, Theo (Matt Evans) and Kirby (Angelina Thomson) advance their friendship, but will the rest of the band support them?

When he sees the couple kissing on the sand, Remi (Adam Rowland) is unimpressed, and he and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) establish a new band rule prohibiting dating other band members. Will the newlyweds be able to follow orders?

Here is the schedule for the week starting on Monday, September 12.

Felicity is arrested and locked in a cell without warning

Unwarned arrest and cell isolation of Felicity
After Cash approaches Felicity in the Surf Club and tells her she must go to the police station, Felicity is in for a confusing and upsetting time. Cash says she’s being arrested for assaulting a police officer at the first chance he gets when she resists. Felicity is dragged away in disbelief and placed in a police cell.

Felicity starts to panic as she is left alone in the dark, despite Cash’s assurances that it is for her own good. And more importantly, why is this happening? How long will she be imprisoned in the cell? She inquires about the situation from one of Cash’s coworkers Felicity prepares for a protracted wait.

Nikau crashes the bikie HQ with disastrous consequences

Since the bikies arrived in town and began threatening him over the money Ari stole several years ago, Nikau has been worried about the welfare of his uncle. He fears the worst when Tane vanishes one morning and becomes more concerned when he can’t reach him on the phone. He checks an app on his phone to locate his uncle’s device after having a flash of insight, and right away learns where Tane is. He rushes to the bikie headquarters only to have security drag him inside. Tane watches in dismay as Marty and Tex decide to have some fun.

Theo and Kirby are banned from getting together

After being chosen for Lyrik’s lead singer position following a successful audition, Theo has had a busy few weeks dealing with Chloe’s sudden and unexplained absence. When she finally calls, he finds out they are over and that she has moved to New Zealand. She suggests that he use music to express his pain while he is with Kirby at the time.

While celebrating their new song with a hug, the couple, who had been up all night writing it, then exchanged kisses. However, Remi notices them from a distance and learns about their burgeoning romance right away. Eden is informed, and the two schedule a band meeting. They inform a shocked Theo and Kirby that dating other band members is prohibited.

Rose arrests Tex – then hears gunshots in the distance

After learning that her boyfriend was using a false identity as a criminal, Rose organized a police sting against Tex, Marty, and the biker gang. Additionally, he has been pressuring Tane to use the gym as the gang’s covert money laundering headquarters. The Parata ends up entering the bikie HQ while wearing a wire after she asks Tane if he’d be willing to cooperate with the police. He persuades Marty to divulge details about their money-laundering schemes, which is sufficient to draw the police in. As soon as she sees Cash running into the field without his bulletproof vest on, Rose stops to arrest Tex. To make matters worse, Cash pursues Marty, and Rose then hears two gunshots in the distance.

Will Cash survive as new doctor Bree struggles to save him?

When Rose chases the sound of gunfire and discovers Cash on the floor fighting for his life after being shot by Marty, she is horrified. Cash is bleeding out when the ambulance arrives, and when he gets to the hospital, the new doctor Bree Cameron struggles to perform CPR to revive him. He enters the operating room for multiple surgeries after she realizes he must be internally bleeding. After some time, Bree locates Felicity and informs her that her brother is now critically ill and that things are not looking good.

Ziggy drives off with Remi on secret mission after lying to Dean

Although Theo may be Lyrik’s new lead singer, they currently lack a van because Bob left in their previous one, and renting a temporary vehicle for each gig is proving to be expensive. Remi decides to take matters into his own hands and goes to the Surf Club to speak with “the hot local mechanic” because he believes he has the solution. He approaches Ziggy to ask for a favor, but Dean is standing next to her and interrupts him right away. Ziggy, however, refuses to be spoken for, and a short while later they have a conversation without Dean. The following morning, the two set out on a covert mission, with Ziggy choosing to tell Dean that she had a client at work a day ago. How will Dean feel when he learns that Ziggy is lying through Justin and learns who she is actually with?

Alf catches Marilyn in a surprising act of deceit

After the kidney transplant procedure, Roo had been having a hard time reclaiming herself, but when Alf suggested that she start teaching again, she got to work right away setting up a tutoring company. She hangs a flyer from the notice board in the diner and begins to wait. She is overjoyed as soon as she sees that someone has taken the tab with her phone number on it! But she doesn’t receive a call, and she quickly loses hope. However, not all is lost, as several more tabs have been stolen the following morning! Later, as Alf discovers Marilyn, of all people, ripping tabs off Roo’s flyer after hours, the plot thickens. Why does she make Roo think that her company is starting up when it isn’t?

Eden has a proposition for Mackenzie while Felicity is away

As the new co-owner of Salt, Felicity has only recently assumed new duties after previously working as a waitress and bartender and now managing a restaurant with Mackenzie. After Cash is shot while performing his duty, she must spend all of her time in the hospital to care for her brother, putting her plans on hold.

Although Mackenzie is fully aware that it is a family emergency, she still finds it difficult to keep up with the workload at Salt. She is unable to fill the roster with employees, but Eden realizes there is a way to assist Felicity and make money for the band at the same time: why not cover Felicity’s shifts? Will she take the chance if Eden can’t live up to Salt’s demanding standards? Mackenzie wonders.


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