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Emmerdale’s Faith Dingle sparks chameleon chaos as emotional story continues

Faith turns to an unusual strategy to spend more time with her grandchildren as she continues to notice that her health is deteriorating in Emmerdale.

She decides that stealing a reptile is the best course of action because she wants to spend time with them all unsupervised so she can make sure they have positive memories of her.

She sees a chameleon while she is at the veterinarian and decides to take it without asking because she thinks the kids will love it. This works out about as well for Faith as you might expect.

When Faith finally gets her hands on the stolen pet, the chameleon quickly flees, leaving her in a panic when she realizes that it has vanished.

But it doesn’t take long for it to appear, and Al is quite startled when it shows up unannounced at the bar.

But even though the chameleon has been located safe and sound, Chas and Cain have expressed their displeasure with Faith’s most recent behavior.

The two are shocked when a distraught Faith begs them not to stop her from seeing her grandchildren and creating memories with them while she can, knowing that her time is limited.

However, they know they must play things carefully and they stick to their guns about how much access Faith has to them because the interests of their children come first and foremost in their minds.

Faith suffers yet another devastating setback and is forced to witness the removal of something else that is very important to her.

Will Faith be able to find a solution before it’s too late?


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