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Every BBC Eastenders star who is leaving the soap this year – full list

There is a significant upheaval in the square.

BBC Eastenders has had a successful year thus far. As Walford celebrates the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, they have had some dramatic and upsetting stories as well as a royal visit from Prince Charles and Camilla.

The series will also welcome back a number of celebrities, including Shane Ritchie and Laila Morse. Alfie Moon will be back in the square in fall, and Big Mo, a figure played by Laila, will make a brief appearance later in the year.

This occurs as Eastenders’ new producer Chris Clenshaw changes the show’s dynamic. Since his hiring, a number of soap opera characters have announced their departure, while some of their farewell plots have been kept secret.

Viewers were astounded by Phil Mitchell’s surprise return to Walford this week. Although it was believed that Phil had died in prison, when he unexpectedly showed up at Peggy’s opening, he shocked Sharon, Kat, and Sam.

Fans will be aware of Sam’s plot against Phil, but given that she has just recently returned, could it mean the end of her tenure in Walford? Each celebrity rumoured to be leaving Eastenders this season is listed below:

Lola Pearce and Danielle Harold
According to reports, EastEnders actor Danielle Harold was fired after Chris Clenshaw, a new executive producer, decided not to extend her contract. The Sun reports that when Danielle learned that Lola would be murdered off in her leaving narrative, she became upset.

It follows that a comeback to the soap opera is very unlikely. According to a source who spoke to the newspaper, Danielle was in tears but was informed that some of the cast members were being escorted out.

However, no one else has yet received instructions to march. The rest of the cast is supporting her.

She handled the news like a genuine pro, and she’s anxious to dive headfirst into the plot, they continued.

Although both the BBC and Danielle Harold have been contacted for comment, neither has officially responded to the news.

As Billy Mitchell’s long-lost granddaughter, Lola made her EastEnders début in 2011. In 2019 she returned to the square with Ben Mitchell and their baby Lexi.

The beloved character will apparently be killed off after receiving a terminal brain tumour diagnosis later this year. It’s believed that Lola would get back together with her ex-boyfriend Jay Brown, who will take care of her during her illness.

Avery Baker and Omar Lye-Fook

Avery, Mitch Baker’s estranged brother, arrived in Albert Square earlier this month. His sons Finlay and Felix, who intend to stay for a while, joined him.

Avery is terminally ill and trying to make amends with Mitch, it was soon discovered. Mitch’s inability to forgive Avery for abandoning him following the murder of his daughter Chantelle has been noticed by viewers.

Avery’s failure to alert Mitch of his sickness sooner has also wounded Mitch. Avery will pass away in the episode that will be shown on Monday, July 18, 2022, after reconciling with his brother Mitch and spending time with his family.

Peter Beale and Dayle Hudson
Peter Beale, the eldest surviving child of Walford legend Ian Beale, is a significant legacy figure, but he will soon depart the Square once more.

After being chosen in 2020, actor Dayle Hudson is the sixth person to play Peter. Peter’s recent plotlines have centred on his erratic love life, tense connection with his half-brother Bobby Beale, and most recently, his recent attack by his uncle Ben Mitchell.

Since then, Peter, his younger brother Bobby, and Dana Monroe have become involved in a love triangle. After Dayle was apparently written off by new producer Chris Clenshaw, Peter is now prepared to quit Walford.

Dana Monroe and Barbara Smith

Initially appearing as a guest character in April 2021, Dana developed throughout the season and finally joined the main cast. Father Harvey and brother Aaron soon joined her, and they both introduced themselves.

In addition to her romance with Bobby, Dana’s tales have also focused on her tense relationship with her brother Aaron, a far-right terrorist. Since then, Dana and Bobby’s brother Peter have become close.

Dana’s departure from the Square is uncertain; will she travel alone to her institution or may she travel with Peter instead?

Smith said of her departure to Digital Spy: “I’m feeling excited. I believe that Dana is receiving the proper send-off that she merits. She needs to extend her wings, in my opinion.

“I’m just going to keep acting in different roles,” she continued. You never know since my dad, Harvey, is always on the Square. We must wait and see.

Stuart Highway, Ricky Champ
As Callum Highway’s older brother and Mick Carter’s oldest friend, Stuart Highway first arrived in Walford in 2018. Stuart first fought to spoil the happiness of the Carter family as a villain.

Following the conclusion of this plot, Stuart started dating Rainie Cross, and the two eventually got married. The couple started their surrogacy journey, with Stuart’s breast cancer diagnosis running parallel to the plot.

Stuart has suffered post-natal depression since the birth of their son Roland, in addition to receiving late cancer therapy. Stuart Spiral and Rainie have been seen departing Walford with Roland in recent scenes.

Mick Carter – Danny Dyer
Following Danny Dyer’s announcement that he was leaving the soap opera after eight years, pub owner Mick will depart Walford later this year. Mick recently ended his marriage to Linda and started dating cunning Janine Butcher.

“Let me tell you something – Mick’s exit is going to be a very, very powerful thing,” Danny remarked during a conversation with daughter Dani on their Sorted with the Dyers podcast. I want the door could stay open, and from what I can tell, it is.

Who knows, then. Will you take me back after I try out there and fail miserably? I may ask when I come back with my tail between my knees.

“The main news is that I’ve decided not to renew my contract,” he continued.

This is all. That’s not because I’ve had a disagreement with anyone; I genuinely love everyone. For me, that job has been fantastic. It plays a significant role in television. I’m appreciative of the lovely years I spent there. The people will be much missed by me. I’m taking a chance.


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