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Everything to come for the Mitchells in EastEnders: Tragedy and revenge

Before I get started with my preview, let me clear up something. I am aware that some viewers have been vociferous about the Mitchell family’s current domination in EastEnders.

I must state unequivocally that I have no objections to this; in my opinion, the more the merrier.

I in no way condone Phil Mitchell since he is a thug, an abuser, and an all-around evil person.

Is he a hero who ought to escape punishment? In no way. Is he among the funniest Walford characters? a hundred percent

Since his release from prison, Phil has played a major role in the drama and, in the eyes of many, revival of the program.

With famous characters like Peggy Mitchell, the Queen of The Vic, and the much missed Ronnie and Roxy, the Mitchells have been an integral part of EastEnders’ DNA since the show’s inception in 1990. who, by the way, were treated unfairly, I will always fight on that hill.

We currently have Phil’s conflict with DCI Keeble and his impending nuptials to Kat Slater, both of which are sure to result in chaos. It’s assumed.

The chemistry between Phil and his original Sharon has also been rekindled. There is no disputing that there is an unwavering love and passion between them, despite the fact that he was always toxic to her as he was to every woman in his life.

Given his history, I’m not sure how Phil keeps attracting potential partners, but it is what it is, and if he must be with someone, Sharon seems to be the route they are taking.

So Kat is fortunate to have escaped, and if we’re willing to forget the entire Hayley Slater era, she looks destined to be with the little less troublesome Alfie Moon. that I am.

Phil has a busy schedule.

That shouldn’t come as a major surprise considering how frequently he and his son Ben appear on film.

The fact that poor Billy Mitchell, the current king of the odd joke on the market and never-ending longing for Honey, is about to receive his most significant material in years, is even more shocking.

Billy has not always been a supporting character, from his beginnings as a violent abuser to his relationships with Jay and Lola and his long-running narrative with Little Mo, starting with his role as her knight in shining armor against the evil Trevor. Perry Fenwick is also an actor. True action

Despite being the least threatening member of the Mitchell fold, he is now in DCI Keeble’s line of sight. He is now directly involved in one of the major plotlines for the fall and winter.

Will Keeble’s revenge shatter Billy’s entire existence with his life on the line? Can Phil help him get off? Will he have to run away? Will he do something extreme to get out of this?

Billy hasn’t always been a supporting character. From his beginnings as a violent abuser to his relationships with Jay and Lola to his long-running storyline with Little Mo, starting with his role as her savior against the evil Trevor, Billy hasn’t always been a background character. Perry Fenwick can also act. True behavior

Even though he is the least dangerous member of the Mitchell gang, he is now in DCI Keeble’s line of sight. He is now thrown into one of the major plotlines for the fall and winter as a result.

Will Billy’s entire world be wrecked by Keeble’s revenge with his entire life on the line? Is Phil still able to help him? Will he be made to leave? Will he behave rashly to escape this situation?

It will be captivating. Billy, though, has other projects in the works, just like Phil. As affections are rekindled, it appears that his relationship with Honey is finally making some strides forward.
A vicious cat is thrown into a flock of unwary pigeons by the arrival of Freddie Slater, who thinks Billy is his father.

There is a lot in store for Billy, including facing prison time, risking his hopeful heart, and dealing with this flashback.

We’ve already seen large weddings, comebacks, retaliation, old loves, possible jail time, reunions, and family secrets.

There’s more, though. Kim Medcalf’s comeback as Sam has been a success, albeit she has had her own share of troubles.

Sam’s desperation and breakthrough in winning over her family are threatened by the specter of her original plot against Phil and the menace of drug-pusher gangster Jonah.

Additionally, she continues to date Zack on and off while being threatened by the frankly horrifying Shirley.

When the whole truth is revealed, I anticipate some classic Mitchell fireworks.

Ben, meanwhile, is dealing with the fallout from Lewis’ awful rape ordeal, with a dramatic final stand-off giving him some tiny measure of closure.

His self-destructive behavior sent him spiraling for months, but now he must work to recover and overcome the pain he has been going through.

Losing his marriage to Callum was a part of that ordeal, but is there any hope for the two? There are many signs that it will happen, and many fans undoubtedly hope it does.

Callum has stated openly that he still has feelings for Ben and wants to get back together. Ben undoubtedly shares these sentiments; the main challenge is helping him move past his own self-hatred.

The idea of a reunion divides fans, and while I personally believe that Ben needs to make many adjustments to the way he treats Callum, many others believe that a love story lies at the heart of the reunion.

Is it pure or poisonous? I’d say it’s more in the middle, but it hasn’t completely died out, so I’m cautiously optimistic for the Ballum supporters.

But catastrophe is on the horizon for Ben, Jay, Billy, and, most significantly, Lexi. Every rumor points to Lola dying from a brain tumor, therefore it is all but certain that Danielle Harold’s final plot will be terrible.

Both the Mitchells and the show have been dealt a devastating blow, and I’m still not sure if this was the right move given that the further exits of Jada, Dana, and Frankie have completely eliminated that demographic of young women on Albert Square.

But if the aftermath is handled well, it will provide tremendous material for those left behind, and Perry, Max Bowden, and Jamie Borthwick, who may finally have a Billy-like push to the front, are capable of producing some very tough material.

Given how I’ve written this, it sounds like Mitchell is the only thing worth watching on EastEnders right now, especially after the excellent flashback episode garnered so much attention.

As I’ve previously stated, I don’t find this to be a terrible thing, and the narratives woven around the characters are interesting, exciting, and compelling.
But let’s not overlook the fact that the Panesars and the Carters are also anticipated to be huge, given the fallout from Suki’s alleged murder of Ranveer and the dramatic Janine/Linda/Mick strand finale that will result in Danny Dyer’s departure and is certain to be the holiday season’s main attraction.

The focus of EastEnders has always been about clans, and recent episodes give promise that this will continue to be the case going forward.

I could easily write a comparable essay that was equally long about everything else that was going to happen besides the Mitchell hysteria.

But for the Mitchells, it’s currently a steadfast building block that has all the potential of their prior classics.


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