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EXCLUSIVE: Neighbours cast in the dark about upcoming Amazon reboot – as it’s revealed several key characters still haven’t received a phone call inviting them back

Just a few months after it was cancelled, Neighbours will return this year on Amazon’s Freevee.

However, it seems that the show’s creators are taking their time, as no start date has yet been disclosed.

According to Daily Mail Australia, Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy), Alan Fletcher (Dr. Karl Kennedy), and Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson) have all been kept in the dark about the series and still don’t know when filming will begin.

Key cast members are still unsure of their roles, how they will fit into the upcoming storyline, and their future on the programme, according to a well-placed production source.

The cast and crew have not yet received an update on the state of the programme. The insider claimed, “Everyone has been kept in the dark.”

That Stefan couldn’t commit to anything else was said. He had to put his musical theatre endeavours on hold as well because he planned to go on tour with his songs, they said.

The source claims that no specific date has been specified, but cast and crew were informed that production would begin “early in 2023.”

The first season of the original series was cancelled in March 2022, and its return was officially confirmed in November.

Amazon has not yet revealed who will be in the revival alongside Dennis, Fletcher, and Woodburne.

April Rose Pengilly, who portrayed Chloe Brennan for four years, claimed last month that she had still not received a request to return for the Amazon revival.

Apart from the four that were first revealed, she wrote, “We don’t know who will be asked back yet.”

Greg Woods, Chief Executive Officer of Fremantle Australia, stated in a news statement dated mid-November that the writers will begin plotting fresh plots right away.

Fans worried that their favourite characters might not make it into the new chapter, though.


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